Ch.8:Revenge Edit

Boring. So boring. I, Ridley, had taken supreme command of the Space Pirates, killed off the Galactic Federation, and as I speak I am ruleing the Galaxy! But there was no challenge, no enjoyment in any of it. Maybe I should have taken Samus prisonier instead of killing her. At least then I could see her agony. "Yeah, you should have let me live." "Wh-What was that?!" Suddenly,Samus appeared! "This...this can't be real!!" "Oh, but it is,Ridley. Now you will feel my pain when you burned me to a crisp." I breathed fire at her, but it went stright though her! "Now Ridley, can't you do better than that!? Her voice took on a inhuman tone, her suit turned black,and a red aura surrounded her. She fired a Plasma beam at me, and it burned my wing. But how? My wing is fire-proof! "This isn't normal fire, Ridley. It's the flames of vengence!" As she spoke, the earth shook. "How?! How are you still alive?" She stopped moving. "Alive? Dead? neither. Haven't you ever seen a ghost before?" Desperately, I stabbed her with my tail. Yawning, she grabbed it. It took the same red aura as her, and suddenly I felt pain, torturous,agonizing pain. She let go and the pain stopped. Gasping for breath, I said, "Killing me is pointless. I'll just come back!" She laughed."No, you won't. I made sure all the Pirates are dead too. This is your last life. Game Over." Howling with rage, I flew at her, trying to tear her limb from limb. She reacted by freezing me to the wall. She pointed her cannon at me one last time. She laughed and said, "nice try." The last thing I saw was the obliterateing energy hurtling at me...

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