Chapter 2:Pyra Edit

"Commander, I don't see a planet."muttered Zeta."You don't?" I was really suprised at his idoity."How on Zebes did you get to be a commander? It's right it front of you!" Zeta replied,"There's nothing there but a star and...oh."Obviously, he figured out that the "star" is really a planet. Leaveing the ship,I flew to the planet. As I flew, memories swam in my head....the day I was crowned Prince of Pyra, the attack by the Krikens which I single-handedly stopped. The faithful day the Pirates came to offer me the job as Enforcer. I accepted, in order to gring glory to my people, and the everlasting rule of the Space Pirates. Finally landing,I looked for any signs of life. Despite the fact the "ground" is really harded lava, plenty of things come here if your patient. Soon, a Lava Zoomer crawled out of the lava. Instantly, a fireball hit it, destroying its shell and revealing the meat and flesh underneath. Then, a black Space Dragon flew out and ate it. My old foe stared at me and said,"It's been awile,brother. Ridley's Revenge:Chapter 3:Reunion

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