Chapter 3:Reunion Edit

Of all the people to greet me,didn't just have to Pesimus. My brother, if I recall, was named that because he drove everyone crazy. But I can't let fool me. Behind his innocent face lies a demon, just waiting to take everything you have and burn you to ashes. He's bloodthursty, even by MY standards."So, what brings you back, Ridley?""Simple," I said."If all the Pyranians(Space Dragons) band together, the universe will be ours!" Pesimus chuckled."So, you're saying it will take our whole race to do what you said you could. I expected more of you,brother. But still, maybe King Pyroc will hear your plea. He moved his palace again, so I'll show where he is." He flew off. I knew this would happen. He'll beat me to where Father is, made me look sad and patetic, so no one will respect me, and he'll be the one who looks like a genus. Fine. Let him try. I'll just have to rip him limb from limb.

Ridley's Revenge:Chapter 4:The Duel

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