Ch.4:The Duel Edit

We arrived at Father's palace. As any Pyranian would know, King Pyroc is completely covered in fire, which comes in handy as he's immune to it. Unlike the rest of us, he is also immortal. He was laughing at Pesimus's story, then he looked at me and said, "So, you need help? I'm starting to lose faith in you, son. Prove you deserve help instead of replacing." That meant only one thing: a duel. The duel is our oldest traditsion. The winner gets what they want; the loser must be his servant."Pesimus! This was your idea wasn't it?!" "Well Ridley, whether it is or not, it won't save you from being burnt to a crisp." So the duel began. He lunged his tail at me, which I easily caught in my mouth. Then he pulled his tail back, bringing me with it. Then he tried to bite off my neck. I stopped that by breathing fire on him. This didn't even faze him, and he shoved me to the ground and started clawing me in the gut. I grabbed him with my feet and threw him into a wall. I grabbed a energy sword hanging on the wall(Father's walls are coverd in weapons for that reason.) and tried to cut Pesimus's head off. He flew out of the way and grabbed a flail. He attacked, but all he managed to do is break my sword. So, I threw a sword piece at him, which he blocked with his wing.Fool. I flew at him and tore his wing off. He fell to the ground. I knew the battle was over.Without his wing, a Pyranian can't balance straight or fly. Fighting like that can be disasterous. I flew at him, and slammed him aginst a wall. All I had to do was kill him, and that would be one less thorn in my side. But no. I still had use for him, so I'll let him live. For now.

Ridley's Revenge:Ch.5:Phazon

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