Ron Green
Vital statistics
Title Elite Engineer, Fugitive, Bounty Hunter
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Galactic Federation, Samus Aran, His own
Health Superhuman
Level Superhuman
Status Alive and Well
Location The giant city world of Earth

Ron Green was a galaxy-wide renowned Engineer of the Galactic Federation. However, he defected and is now the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy; he rivaled Samus Aran, before her brutal death by the hands of The Exterminator.


During his career with the Federation, Green was a master engineer, showing bravery and skill above that of the reguler marine. When no man wanted the job, he would take it, and do it better than anyone else could DREAM of doing. Thus, he was cut from his task force and put within the ranks of the greats: Typhus Sqaud was the highest honor available to a member of the Galactic Federation army. Typhus Squad was made of ONLY the best. Therefore, when Ron got the invitation, he of course accepted. He went on to purge the Pirate Homeworld of Pirate activity, along with his Squad, and also defended Norion's secret mining facility at the bottom of a crater from the new Pirate Commandoes. On the team's last mission however, disaster struck. Their mission was to test out a new weapon: The Elite Armoursuits and their accompanying Shock Rifles were the final product of the Shock Coil project; the armour and gun Sylux stole did not end the project. Their objective was to investigate the disappearances of several Galactic Federation crews salvaging the remains of the Biologic Space Labs Research Station among the SR388 Junk Field. The squad landed on an asteroid at the epicenter of the disappearances, and set up base there. Ft. Typhus was go. But it wasn't very long before it all went wrong. Typhus Squad was ambushed by a Space Dragon named Terror, who was thought to have been destroyed on Planet Eliefa. Terror enslaved the group through Phazon Corruption; he mind controlled them as Dark Samus did to the Pirates. Somehow, Ron managed to escape, however. To be continued...





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