S4 300
Image caption
Map caption
Vital statistics
Type Earth
Level 20
Location Zebeth system
Inhabitants Humans

S4 300 is a planet from Metroid Prime: The Hunter's Return. It is Metley's original home planet and it is home to many humans and Chozos. It is later revealed that the Chozo fled to S4 when they heard from Federation Spies that their planet was going to be destroyed. It is a hostile and jungle-like planet with a few colonies and many different plants and animals.


Many Chozo, as mentioned before, fled to this planet, and Old Bird fled also. Many former inhabitants of Zebes came here, too such as an entire Metroid colony. The planet was originally mainly uninhabited except for the humans in S4 colony 455, but this changed when the Chozo fled here. Today, S4 300 is known as a trading post and a rest stop between galaxies.



  • Sian Jungle
  • Kaan Ruins
  • Colony 455


  • Old Bird
  • Metley (former, now bounty hunter)
  • Metley's Family
  • Chozo Colonists

Things to attackEdit

  • Metroid
  • Ing
  • Space Pirate


  • Mega Attack


  • Oddly, S4 300's name is seen in the background of the Ing's scan in this game.

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