Metroid zero mission by splashbrush-d7yu767
Samus Lynn Aran As She Appears Samus Has Extremely Long Ponytailed Dark Blonde Hair Samus Is Dark Suntanned Skinned Samus Has Dark Brown Eyebrows Samus Has White Eyelids Samus Has Light Black Eyes W/White Irises Samus Wore Light Pink Tan Lipstick Samus Wore An Dark Orange/Dark Maroon Red Sleeveless Tanktop Showing Her Huge Boobs And Dark Suntanned Curved Stomach W/Light Black/Dark Brown Belly Button Samus Wore Dark Orange/Dark Maroon Red Shorts Showing Her Extremely Huge Ass And Extremely Long Dark Suntanned Legs Samus Wore Black Boots

Samus's BiographyEdit

Samus And Her Daughters Nicole, Alexandra, Alexa, Marianna, Cassandra, Cassie, Katie, Kirsten, Elizabeth, Krystal, Jessica, Jennifer, Lisa, Maggie, Frenchie, Laura, Lauren, Michelle, Mindy, Bethany, Beth, Christina, Victoria, Veronica, Gretchen, Becky, Venus, Jasmine, Tanya, Torrie, Clarissa, Hannah, Lindsay And Holly Aran Annabelle, Anna, Annie, Rosalina, Alina And Jade Aran Tiffany Aran Rose Aran And Kimberly Aran Amy, Nikki, Maria, Marie, Jessie, Julie, Leslie, Lindsey, Megan, Morgan, Kinsey, Rosa, Patricia, Danica, Naomi, Rachael, Rochelle, Lillian And Rosemary Aran, Carla, Amber, Lillie And Cella Aran And Siblings Kinzie Aran, Rosanna Aran, Leslie Aran, Samantha Aran, Sandy Aran, Rachel Aran, Mariah Aran, Maria Aran, Marie Aran, Joanna Aran And Jazmine Aran Were Working As Bounty Hunters Samus Had To Wear Her Casual Clothes After Her Metroid Suit Was Destroyed Samus Then Encounters Dark Samus Aran Who Was Evading The Phazon Corruption

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