Scar Fire is an upcoming fangame. A novelized version will be posted here.

Warning: swears, blood and mentions of rape are present. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter One: Who Am I?Edit

Space Pirates. The most evil things in the galaxy, they will raid and steal anything. I do not know my name. I cannot remember it. I also do not know my exact age, though I would say that I am seventeen. I am scared for my life. I have been living with these creatures since I was three years old. They have caused me nothing but pain, and fear. They have nicknamed me “Ryn”. I do not know why they named me that, but I do know what it means. “Creature of the dark” in their language. I am not a creature of the dark, as they call me. My skin is not pale white. My hair is not black. My eyes are not red. My throat is not burning with thirst. My skin is flesh-colored. My hair is blonde. My eyes are blue. And I am not thirsty. I have learned to live with my thirst, because I will scarcely get a drop of water. I have headaches every day. But I have learned to cope with them. I am sentenced to hard labor. I have had many beatings and have nearly been killed several times. My back is sore a lot of the time. I rarely get it tended to. I have to work a lot of the time, and be extra careful when handling things called ‘Metroids’ as they can, and have, killed many of the Pirates. I wish they were gone. I wish they would all perish, never to come back again. I wish there were none left. No Pirates, no Metroids. No Pirate’s life should be spared. Except for one. If it were not for my friend Pharell, I would surely have been killed by now, and this diary would not have existed. But here I am today, recording my daily experiences and my thoughts. I hope somebody reads it, and learns of the terrible trouble these creatures have caused. The Pirates should never be forgiven. They have tried to put me out in combat, but I have refused, and have had to run for my life. I have many secret hiding places. I use one of them when one of the Pirates threatens me. They have tried to put me in combat against someone who they call “the Hunter”, whom I have rarely seen. On the rare occasions that I catch a glimpse of her I have forgotten what she looks like. I know she has an orange colored suit with big round shoulder pads. Sometimes I have seen her with a yellow suit, with different shoulder pads. That suit is probably not very protective. So that must be the reason why I usually see her in the orange suit instead. I have embarked on many adventures with the Pirates, but most of the time I have hid with Pharell or escaped the Pirates, again with Pharell. But they have always found me, and I have suffered a beating. They said that I could lose a foot, hand or ear, but I prefer the beating. That would not be permanent. I have also said to them that if they take away one of my hands, ears or feet, I could not work as well as I do. So they beat me. Sometimes they have even raped. Today is the day that the few remaining Pirates raid the Biologic Space Laboratories, or the BSL station. There are not many Pirates left, because two years ago many of them were killed when a planet called ‘Zebes’ exploded. I wonder if the Hunter killed the Pirates and blew up Zebes. If so, I want to thank her. How do I live right now, you ask? Well I have not been educated (except in the ways of combat, how to safely quarantine Metroids and what Pirates should be equipped with when dealing with enemies). I scarcely receive food, and when I do, it is usually stale bread or moldy cheese. Pharell usually shares his lunch with me, but I do not want him to get in trouble, so I refuse it sometimes. My looks? Once, my hair was cut to the point where there was only a strand left on my forehead. Now it has grown back. Clothing wise, I wear ripped pants and a flannel work shirt which has also undergone some beatings, and I have no shoes. I have grown used to the beatings, but it has hurt terribly. I am very surprised (and thankful) that I am not dead. Though I should be. I have decided that I will destroy all the Pirates on this frigate. I will slaughter everything but Pharell. Starting with the Metroids. I have made a plan. I will release the Metroids. I will use special gloves that will not leave fingerprints behind. I will apply fingerprints from a Space Pirate and apply them to the gloves. Then I can avoid getting into trouble and have one of the Space Pirates slaughtered. The rest of the Pirates will be killed. Pharell and I will hide in one of our hiding places and then escape to the Galactic Federation. We will have my wounds treated, I shall get some better clothes and a proper diet and then meet the Hunter! First, Pharell will take the gloves and I will get into the security station and find the fingerprints of Claud Richard, one of the Pirates. I will apply them to the gloves and then spread the energy signatures all over the walls and floors. I will also steal ostrich-skin boots so that my bare footprints will not leave behind evidence. I will put the plan into action before dawn.

Chapter Two: SlaughterEdit

I have successfully obtained the gloves, fingerprints and boots. Now I need to take an Ice Beam in case I need to get past any Metroids. That might not be necessary but I still want to make sure that I don't get killed killing the Pirates.

Now I will head into the first quarantine. But I do not know if I will make it out alive. Or if my plan will work. But I must try. There are other frigates out there, but I want to destroy this one. I will leave via an Escape Pod and find the Galactic Federation. I wish that I could tell you how scared I was, both for my life, and, if I survived, the beatings I might take. I could only guess what would happen. But I decided that no matter what happens to me, only Pharell must survive. He will come with me, as I said earlier.

I am in my bedroom, waiting for the time when dusk comes.

Now it has come. I must hurry. The Pirates will awaken soon enough. I crawled into the first crawlspace, the one that I used to see the quarantines. I have with me a Missile Launcher. I also have my gloves with the fingerprints, and the boots. I have Pharell in close contact with me. I will destroy the generator holding the Metroids and then escape.

Oh no! One of the Pirates entered the room (he didn't see me). Oh, wait a sec, it's Claud. Good. This will work even better. The Pirates will catch him here, if he doesn't get killed by the Metroids or doesn't kill them. Wait, it appears that he does not have any weapons with him so he can't kill them. I have my gun ready. I have aimed precisely. The surprising thing during combat training, was that, when training with a gun, I was the best at it. I shot the generator holding the Metroids. I have also destroyed the exit door. So when the Pirates come in they will have no way out. Ah ha! The Pirates have come through a door in the ceiling. They cannot get away now! Some of them try to open the door, others get killed by the Metroids and Claud is getting a scolding by the rest. Now the time has come. I must leave before the Pirates notice me. I will take one of the Escape Pods. Pharell is already in the bay with all of them. He has programmed one to leave for the Galactic Federation base.

I have crawled back through the tunnel. I am running to the escape pod bay. Thankfully all of the Pirates are in the quarantine. I am halfway to the escape pods. I kicked off my boots and went barefoot the rest of the way.

I am at the bay. I have left a note that says:

"I am sorry I could not have thought twice about killing the Pirates. I was in their hands for years and have grown tired of beatings. During the winter I get cold. I did not want any more of their hard labour and so I have left them."

I knew nobody would read this but I left it in case one of them survived, or a Federation Trooper raided the ship.

Chapter 3: Escape Edit

I am successful. The Metroids have killed all of the Pirates. As soon as we left however, I noticed the Hunter escaping a meteor that fell from the BSL station. The Pirates had captured an Arachnus there. I hoped that the Arachnus had perished too, as with the rest of the creatures the Pirates held.

But did I really see the Hunter? Or am I hallucinating, for the night before I left, I began hallucinating after I read a story about long ago creatures called mermaids. The book said that they were a mixture of human and fish. The mermaids are beautiful. I sometimes saw them in the specimen storage. I wish they still existed. Or were the Pirates responsible for their death?

Anyway, the trip will not take any longer. We will be there in less than an hour. While I am here, I will finish my account of what happened during my stay with the Pirates. I will mention my sightings of the Hunter.

First we were on Zebes. They had found the Metroids on another planet, named "SR388". They wanted to clone them and use them to kill the beings of the universe. I stayed in the Space Pirate mothership. I escaped when the Hunter destroyed it.

Then, I was aboard the Frigate Orpheon, in orbit above "Tallon IV". They found a substance on there called Phazon, and used it on themselves and other creatures. I was kept away from it. I knew its danger. I saw the Hunter fighting the Omega Pirate. I was on the floor above them, mining Phazon from the canister above. She managed to kill it, but it fell on her. I'd started to cry. I wanted to jump down there and thank her, ask her to take me with her. I did not want to risk breaking my ankles. Then she turned out alive, but her once purple, yellow and red suit was now black, red and silver. What did that mean? Was she mutated by the creature falling on her?

Shortly after, the Phazon disappeared. I thought that this was because of the Hunter, but I wasn't sure. We had abandoned the base in Phendrana Drifts not long after. Then we heard about an "ultimate power" in another galaxy. They sent Weavel, a Pirate general, to find it. He has not come back, but we have proof that he is not dead. I also hear that he was trying to get it from other hunters, including the one clad in orange armor, the others came from different planets. I bet that the hunter in orange found it.

Afterwards we flew to a planet called Aether. A Federation ship shot us down, and storms further destroyed our ship. We were forced to crash land. We did land, and we established a base there. But, however, many of the Pirates had become possessed by darkness that crept up on them at times. I was scared. I would have taken one of the ships and retreated off the planet but I couldn't because of the atmosphere. The Pirates were too bsuy mining Phazon to notice that the light was running out. They tried to make me and Pharell go and mine, but we snuck away to U-Mos, the Sentinel of the Luminoth, the species that lived on the planet. He took care of us, but the Pirates came and took us away. Later on, the Hunter appeared on the planet but she had a darker suit on and released the Metroids instead of killing them. However, the Hunter I know best showed up later on, so the dark Hunter is false. Eventually the darkness disappeared and the light came back, and we collected as much of the Phazon as we could before the Federation came and took the rest of it. Then we abandoned Aether.

We turned to the dark Hunter to help us. She agreed and left us for several months, returning with a Leviathan - she had found a planet called Phaaze. She sent it to the Pirate Homeworld, and two more two planets named Bryyo and Elysia. She sent another one to Norion, where Pharell and I had gone to via escape pod, but she experienced difficulties in the form of the Hunter and three others. She defeated them easily though, and flew off, having found us. She took us back, but I think the Hunter destroyed the Leviathan before it hit. Anyway, on the Pirate Homeworld, the corruption was spreading so fast that the planet was turning into another Phaaze. I took an escape pod to Zebes, where the base was being rebuilt. The Federation had taken control of the homeworld, and I didn't want to experience the assault.

When I went down there, Ridley had left, but returned shortly with a Metroid hatchling. They released it and Mother Brain tried to convince it that she was its mother, but it wasn't fooled. It was kept in Tourian along with clones of it. Then, of course, the Hunter invaded the planet and went into Tourian. She killed Mother Brain (again) and then Zebes was destroyed. The Pirates were gone, or so is hopefully believed.

They weren't. I was taken into the frigate and forced to hard labor (again).

Now we will be at the base in less than an hour. I shivered. I wanted to not think of what could happen. Would they welcome us, annihilate us, hold us captive or force us into labor (again)? There was a good chance of that; because I knew I had the appearance of a space rat, with my ripped pants, old flannel shirt and bare feet.

If we are not welcomed then I will learn to accept death, captivity or hard labor, if they come. If not, then I will gladly take in whatever they offer. I want to meet the Hunter. I want to tell her that I was there, I was working during all her missions, and that I saw her, but she didn't see me. I wanted to fight the Pirates alongside her.

Chapter 4: Arrival Edit

We have arrived. I hope I do not look too shabby. I will tell them my story. I will make them listen. I have to. For me, and Pharell.

A man has come to our pod. He opened it. We got out but Pharell was caught as a Space Pirate. I quickly reassured the man and he escorted us to a room.

We were taken to a gigantic supercomputer who I immediately mistook for Mother Brain. I shrieked her name and took out my Missile Launcher, which I had taken with me.

"Calm down, young one," the computer said. "I am not Mother Brain. I am what is called an 'Aurora Unit'. I am connected to a network of Aurora Units. Officer Frank, please explain how this boy got here."

The man told the computer how I got here and why I was with a Space Pirate. "I see," the AU said. "I would like to know information from the boy,".

I couldn't speak. I hoped I didn't look bad for the AU. My flannel shirt, pants and feet were dirty. So was my hair. I quickly ran my fingers through my hair, attempting to comb it. But I was unsuccessful.

"Frank, see to it that this boy is properly clothed," said the AU. Then it turned to me. "You can speak to me after you are settled in,". I nodded and walked slowly away.

Firstly, I had a shower. I bet I smelled like an old dog. I combed my hair and had my injuries treated. Before I went back to the AU, my shirt and pants were mended and cleaned. They were no longer ripped. They could not find me shoes. I just guessed I would be going barefoot for a while.

I reported back to the AU. I explained the parts I played in each universal crisis. Then the AU called in two men named Chet and Tom. They arrived and AU told them to help me settle in. I was given old boots from Tom. Chet paced around, thinking about things and checking them off a checklist. I guessed they were duties for his own work, or duties for me.

I had a good diet: bacon, eggs and cheese at breakfast, bread and meat at lunch and meat, pasta or vegetables at dinner. I lived like this for about a month, when I asked if Tom could train me to be a bounty hunter. He agreed. My training would begin shortly.

Chapter 5: Fugitive Edit

The destruction of the station has left me with worry, when it should be triumph.

Yes, I had eradicated the X Parasites. But the Federation wanted me to leave, so they could capture the parasites for study and military usage. I did not left that happen. I bet now that they are trying to find me.

The X Parasites are responsible for the death of my favorite ship. They are also responsible for the loss of one of my last connections to the Chozo. But I am better now.

It has been a month. I have grown weary and tired. I have searched for a home now that I am a traitor to the Federation. I have also wished to be able to restore my Varia Suit. But it won't be possible. I bet that there are no Chozo Varia Suits left in the universe, and if there are, there are few. I will not lose another one.

Late during my quarrels with the BSL's inhabitants I had set the station to crash into SR388, after a final showdown with the SA-X, who was a danger to me the whole mission. Both the station and SR388 are destroyed. I do not officially claim the death of SR388, but whether its still there or not, I don't care. The death of the Metroids makes it worthless.

I would search for a suit and eradicate every dangerous thing. Even if I died.

For the Iona-Faeria.

For Adam.

For the Chozo.

For my parents.

For the Metroid Hatchling.

My eyes filled up with tears, but I went to another room so that Adam, the Dachoras or Etecoons would not notice. I was destined to a happy life, but then the ugly Space Pirates ruined it. They killed my parents. They killed Adam. They killed all the Chozo. They eradicated the Iona-Faeria. And especially the Metroid Hatchling, killed by the Mother Brain. Two years ago I faced her and defeated her in a dangerous duel. That bitch killed the last thing I had and loved, and I killed her.

Was I ever going to have love in my life? Was I ever going to be happy? Did I have a brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle? I think I cried for an hour. I did it silently. I did not want to look weak. I walked back to my seat.

Just then, my ship received a transmission from somebody.

Oh no, I thought.

Two Federation Troopers had located me. "Samus Aran, this is a cease and desist order! You are under arrest!" Crap, I thought. I activated my ship's Missile Launcher. I hoped that their ships were not made of Jovian Steel. If they were constructed of Maldium then I would be able to destroy their ships and flee.

I loaded up my ship's scanner. The scanner said that the ships were made of Jovian Steel. "Dammit!" I yelled. They shot a Missile at my ship, and it spiralled downward. I ripped my computer CO Adam out of my ship. It was the brain of my old CO, now deceased. I could not bear to lose him again.

I looked at where we were going. I had no time to put on my suit. I ran to the escape pod bay. There were the Dachoras and Etecoons. The adult Dachora held the Dachora hatchling and two of the Etecoons. I picked up the third one and set an escape pod to leave the ship. I didn't care where I was going, only that I needed to get away. If I died later, I would accept it. But I did not want to die here.

I loaded the animals and Adam into one of the pods and ran to grab my Emergency Pistol. I did so and left the ship, just as it blew up.

My suit was gone. Again. I noticed the pod approaching a damaged vessel in space, which still looked functional. As we approached closer, I realized that this ship is the very ship that was on Zebes!

But I had destroyed Zebes two years ago. As I began wondering how the ship had survived, I looked down at the animals and realized that they had probably used it to escape Zebes. Either that or the Dachora shinesparked while the Etecoons held on for dear life.

It didn't matter. We soon landed and I rushed out of the pod. The Dachora held its kin while the Etecoons carried Adam.

Just then I heard the ships land. "...probably went down here..." "...we better check... she'll be easier if she doesn't have her suit...". So that's what they wanted! To arrest me! But why? Then I remembered. The X. They wanted it for study but I had destroyed them all. Now they were seeking arrest. And it would be easy, since I was suitless. I did not think that my Emergency Pistol could penetrate their armor.

They were about to enter the room. I shot a block above me with my pistol and helped the animals up. We crawled through a shaft above the troopers. I could not be caught or else I would be arrested. This reminded me of the various times that, during my infiltration of the Space Pirate Mothership (not this ship) I had, despite my best efforts, set off an alarm or had been seen by a Pirate. Then I had to hide from them. It also reminded me of when, after defeating a giant spider in the Reactor Silo of the BSL, I had gone to Sector 2 to restore power to the station, and I encountered an SA-X. I ran from it, freezing it with my Ice Missiles and dodging her Ice Beam shots as I went.

Well, I would not be seen. This ship did not have any alarm systems, if my memory served me well. Or at least, none that were functional. I eventually reached a passageway into the next room. It was a room that, strangely, reminded me of Brinstar. I tried to evade the troopers the best I could, but I was almost seen. Thankfully I had stunned the troopers before they could see me, and I crawled through a tunnel into another room.

There were tons of blocks covering my view. I leaped over them, and ran through the passageway below. I fell into another room, filled with passageways. I noticed a block above me that lead to a secret passageway in the wall that the Troopers would never be able to see me in. This would lead me to the next room, faster than they could reach it. I used it, of course.

The next and final room was a dead end. I noticed a loose wall on the ceiling and shot at it, realizing this was my last chance to evade the troopers. I needed to somehow escape the room a different way. If I could get out, I would hijack one of the ships and leave.

Just then, a creature I very well knew burst through the wall. An Arachnus! But how did it get here? Maybe the Dachoras and Etecoons had stopped at SR388 and unknowingly picked it up. Or maybe this wasn't the ship from Zebes and it was a ruined Pirate frigate. Oh well. I hoped my Emergency Pistol worked against it. I flipped on my Scan Visor (which I had saved) and scanned the creature. Results stated that it was very weak. Good.

I charged my Pistol up and fired. It worked wonderfully. Then it changed into a ball and I leaped over it. I charged another shot and fired. Then it turned to me and shot a wave of energy, which I evaded easily. I shot it a few more times before it died. I then investigated the wall from which it burst. There was a suit. I quickly put it on. Oh no, I thought. It was my old Power Suit. It offered some protection, but my Power Beam would not work well against the troopers. It came with a Morph Ball. I jumped up to the top of the room, and surprisingly I grabbed it. I checked my upgrade data and I found out that this was a more advanced suit than ever before. It was so light weight that I could grab ledges with ease. I also had high jumping capabilities. It was basically my old suit with the Fusion Suit's capabilities. Maybe because of the Metroid DNA in me. But I was vulnerable to acid, extreme heat and extreme cold. I wouldn't dare explore those places.

But the best thing was that it fought off infection by diseases, like X Parasites, and it didn't lose any upgrades earned unless I removed it from my suit!

It was only a few moments later that I heard the troopers talking. "...the ship is too close to the planet below!... we gotta get out of here..." Oh crap! The ship was so close to the planet below that it was threatening a meteor strike. I needed to get to the ships before them! If I didn't I would be doomed to die in another crash. I did not want to die here, either. If I died later, fine. But now, no way.

Quickly, I scaled through a secret passageway, and I heard the troopers mumbling: "She's going to die here, think we should look?" "Nah, the fleet will be happier to hear that she's dead." "Armstrong Houston said alive!" I did not want to die, as I said earlier. I rushed through the first room, eventually entering the landing site. I got into one of the ships. I helped in the Dachoras and Etecoons, with Adam, and quickly closed the door. I then rushed to the planet below.

Chapter 6: Reunion Edit

I had landed successfully without trouble. I bet they noticed and landed somewhere else on the planet.

I did not bother installing Adam into the ship, because I found pieces of my old ship. They must have been gathered before the troopers found me. I realized that I did not have all parts. The others were somewhere else, I realized: the other ship. I used the ship's scanner to look for where the other ship was. I found it a short distance away. I walked there.

As I hid I heard comments made by them: "She got away with the ship! She outsmarted us!" "She won't get away with this!" They got back into their ship. I guess they were going to scan the area. They did. And they found me. "I have found Aran! We must arrest her!" I immediately fired at their suits with my Power Beam. The suits cracked off, like a Sheegoth's shell. I shot at the people inside. No one called me by my last name and got away with it.

I raided their ship as they died, taking with me the parts I needed. Then I set to work rebuilding my old ship.

Within two hours, it was complete. I went into it and used my recharge station. I also reinstalled Adam, programming him into the ship. Then I set about investigating the area. I had barely any abilities. My Power Suit would hopefully offer me protection.


It has been a month. When I believed my training was finished, we arrived here. I was outfitted with a male Power Suit, made of Chozo technology. I may not have known the Chozo but I know that they cared for my idol, the hunter clad in orange.

I have learned her name: Samus Aran. She has recently disappeared. We have come to search for her. Our evidence is her starship, which we found in another area. We will continue our search for her.

We used her recharge station; I hope she doesn't mind, and we were on our way. First we entered a room full of beetles. We quickly dispatched them, and admired Saturnine mushrooms on the walls. They did not harm us but we noticed their beautiful, blue glow. Then we moved on.

We entered another room with water in it. We proceeded on ahead, taking on another batch of beetles. Then we discovered an elevator to an old Chozo Temple. We activated it and took it down.

Once we arrived, we entered a room with a bridge like structure above us, made of intertwined branches. We continued on. We came across another swarm of beetles and a blue colored door with a grey colored shielding on it. I had no Missile Launcher; I had left my old one at the Olympus. We continued on, through another few rooms, until we reached one with platforms above a pool of acid. Just as we were about to continue on, someone jumped in front of us. I was surprised. Why? Because it was Samus Aran. She pointed her gun towards us. "No, we... we aren't Federation Troopers!" I stammered. "Yes we are!" Tom near shouted. I elbowed him so hard he nearly fell in the acid.

Samus lowered her arm cannon in a peculiar kind of fashion. She removed my visor for a second and then removed hers. "You..." she couldn't say more. "What happened... why do I remember you...?" Then she had a flashback dating back to an unknown time. "Oh my g-" she stopped. Then she trapped me in a bear hug and started to cry. "Brother..." she said to me. "B-Brother?" "You got taken by the Pirates. The Chozo couldn't save you..."

I was the brother of Samus Aran!

"But... but, couldn't you have come-"

"I didn't remember you existed... until now."

Just then, a creature trapped us. The acid levels rose to to platform level. If we fell in, we could never get out again. A giant, plant mass covered up a Missile Launcher, which we wanted. And we commenced the battle.

Samus told me that it was an old foe that she faced, called Spore Spawn. A ton of bugs swarmed us. Both of us destroyed the swarms, and then Spore Spawn opened up. We both shot at his open core with our Power Beam, and it was too much for him.

We repeated the process three times, and victory was won. He left behind the Missile Launcher. As we proceeded through the Grey Door, we picked up an Energy Tank. We went back out, and rocks from the ceiling crumbled and fell for us to use them as platforms.

Chapter 7: Teamwork Edit

Before we continued on to the next part of the Temple we stopped at a Blast Shield that we encountered earlier and blew it open to find a Map Station.

"This is the first time I have worked with somebody in a long while," Samus said to me. I was happy. The best hunter in the universe was my sister. We proceeded on through the Grey Shield in the large room that we could not access before, and before long we entered the Ruined Shrine. We jumped down and encountered a swarm of beetles. Both of us worked together to destroy them, but then the ground started to rumble. A giant beetle came out of the ground and nearly rammed us. Samus quickly used her scanner and found out that it had a hard-rock shell that we couldn't penetrate, but the abdomen was vulnerable. We got behind it when possible and destroyed it. The abdomen blew off, and green-colored blood started leaking out of the creature. We continued on.

We reached the Main Plaza again and entered a room that had narrow passageways, that Samus could only pass through with her Morph Ball; my suit could not tolerate use of it and so I had to crawl. We soon reached a fountain, that was pouring tainted waters and not clean. It was dark except for floating bugs which we tried to not touch, for they were fragile and would die instantly if we did, at least according to the scanner. We entered the next room and a bunch of Shriekbats came swooping down on us. We shot a few but some of us hit. Samus' visor was cracked a bit, but she picked up one of the Energy Units left behind by one of the Shriekbats and she was immediately repaired.

A gargantuan sized-tree in the next room was in the middle, surrounded by toxic, tainted water. I wondered how the tree could survive that. We blasted some Reaper Vines in our way and went through a door into a tunnel. When we re-emerged we found two doors and a number of platforms. One of the doors had a Blast Shield, we destroyed it and found a Recharge Station inside. We used it and continued on. Several Blastcaps covered the way to another door; we just jumped over them, not wanting to waste time.

In the next room there were midair platforms, Reaper Vines, Blastcaps, toxic water and several strange markings on the walls. We scanned them and eventually a big gate opened up at the top of the room, with a fifth runic symbol. Scanning that, we were given access to a Chozo Lore entry and the Charge Beam. "Another ability picked up," Samus said. Before we exited, several Eyons activated. Scanning them revealed that they were vulnerable to the Charge Beam.

We went back to the Gathering Hall and, after using the Recharge Station again, we explored the higher platforms. Besides several Blastcaps and Shriekbats there were no things worth mention. I got hit by several Shriekbats that my visor was now splinters. Samus also got many cracks on her visor, but it didn't break. We picked up Energy Units and restored our visors.

After entering a large room covered in a pond of acid, a door in front of us locked. We scanned the door and revealed that we could not break it open. We had to complete a task or kill all the enemies in the room. We ignored it and walked on through some of the tunnels. Beside us was a Stone Toad. We scanned it, producing results that said it was vulnerable to concussive blasts. "Bombs, we need those," Samus said. We entered the tunnel ahead of us instead. After going through two, we found a Blast Shield, and destroyed it.

We entered the room, only to have a robot activated. It was an Incinerator Drone, originally programmed to incinerate garbage, but it perceived us as a threat. When it exposed its core we shot at it, which electrocuted it. Its incinerators burned a War Wasp Hive above us and revealed several wasps. We took care of them, dodging the fire as much as possible and finally the drone was defeated. It blew up, revealing the Morph Ball Bomb. Before we left we blew up a Sandstone wall, revealing a Missile Expansion.

We went back to the Energy Core, where the Stone Toad, pool of acid and locked door was. We destroyed the Stone Toad and revealed a Bomb Slot, which we used. The acid levels temporarily lowered, and we activated the next. The platforms began to rise. We used them and activated a third slot, thus opening the locked door. We went through it, but there was a strange track on the wall. "Spider Ball... man, I don't have anything!" Samus said. Though there was a tunnel underneath the track, which lead us to an Energy Tank. We went back to the Arboretum to figure out what to do next.

Chapter 8: Toxins Edit

Inside we found more of the runes and scanned them all. At the top of the room a gate appeared and a Sandstone wall was revealed. We went up, destroying two War Wasp Hives along the way and destroyed the Sandstone. We passed through two tunnels with Venom Weed and Reaper Vines, we took care of both. We also destroyed crates, and refilled our energy and ammunition. Then we entered a room with a gigantic plant above us.

Vines sealed the doors we came through, and nothing was able to destroy them. Back to the plant.

There were two generators above it, with two tentacles attached. There were also two Bomb Slots with tentacles guarding them. We detatched the tentacles holding the generators up, then deactivated the generators. The tentacles disappeared and we used one of the Bomb Slots. This damaged the creature. We repeated the process four times, earning us a Varia Suit. "It's about time!" Samus said. The Varia Suit protected us from superheated areas and acid, even though acid no longer existed on Nulrem.

The next room (the one that was not covered with impervious vines) was a long tunnel with water (cleansed). I bent down and drank some, Samus, Tom and Chet did the same. We continued on through the tunnel, which was rich with Tangle Weed. As we reached a few crates in our way, Samus said that the strange noise that we heard was a Pulse Bombu, and that she did not have the weaponry to kill it. So we just opened the door from afar and ran for it.

We saw a long tunnel downwards, and we jumped for it. I fell so hard I think I broke my ankles. I would hold on to Samus if we were going to do this again.

Chapter 9: Fire and Ice Edit

As we entered the caves we decided immediately that it was an expansion of the temple above. But the atmosphere changed quickly. When we entered the Lava Lake, Samus told us this reminded her of other superheated areas like Norfair on Zebes, Magmoor Caverns on Tallon IV and Sector 3 on the BSL Station. She also warned us of the danger going into a superheated area without a Varia Suit. Thank god we beat that plant.

We noticed that the Space Pirates were drawing large amounts of geothermal energy from the region. As we entered the Monitor Station we were greeted with a surprise: several security systems we easily dispatched with Missiles.

As we entered a Morph Ball tunnel we discovered the elevator to the Ice Valley, which also required the Varia Suit.

We entered a corridor with ice walls covering the way. We easily destroyed them with Missiles. As we entered the next room we destroyed a metal grating over a wall and scanned a panel which opened a door previously locked. We went through it. There was another Bombu creature that emitted tendrils of electricity, which we avoided with Morph Ball. As we continued on we battled Baby Sheegoths, which were invulerable in all but their backs.

We entered a long canyon with Sheegoths below us and platforms aligned so that we could not cross them to the next room. We scanned a panel that realigned the platforms, allowing us to cross. We found the Boost Ball there. To get out of the room we used a half-pipe, a U-shaped slope designed to work with the Boost Ball.

Adam, the computer in Samus' ship, notified us that he had located a half-pipe in the Nulrem Overworld. We went on there and investigated the matter.

Chapter 10: Relics Edit

Before we left, however, we saw a huge shadow flying over the four of us. "Ridley," Samus and I said together at the same time. He must have gone looking for us, for me. I bet that if he found me he was going to keep me in a more secure area, and I would be whipped. I would go back to my old habits. Samus held up her gun in case Ridley noticed us. "My Power Beam will offer some defense," she said. He did not see us.

Afterwards we jumped down and entered the Lava Caves again. I was looking forward to the heat. It would toast me, rid me of all my coldness. Ahhh...

After a while we entered a way to the Nulrem Overworld. Good, that meant we wouldn't need to go through the temple ruins. Finally, we reached the Nulrem Canyon. After destroying the swarm of Beetles there we used the half-pipe and above us we found a series of Sandstone walls, we destroyed those and entered a Gully. When we re-emerged we were up on a ledge above Samus' ship (she now allowed us to use it). We didn't dare fall. We entered an Alcove and received a pair of Space Jump Boots, which we desperately needed.

We then heard from Adam that there was increasing predator activity in the Ice Valley. Before we headed back there we accessed areas that we previously could not get to. We entered a long tunnel, finally coming to a Chozo Artifact Temple. When we went there there was a strange object beneath a structure with totems surrounding it. We scanned the item, and results said "this is a Chozo Artifact. Collect it, then scan the totems here to find more." We decided why not, and picked it up. Then, like the Scan Visor said, we scanned the totems and learned of the locations of more artifacts. Some could not be scanned, we figured because we had to get some more artifacts before we scanned the rest.

That said, we proceeded to the Lava Caves. When we entered the Monitor Station we entered a room called the Warrior Shrine, which, according to a totem scan, was to honor the warriors who experienced the heat of the caves. We saw another artifact in the hands of a Chozo Statue and picked it up. It was the Artifact of Strength.

After that we headed back to the Ice Valley. After significant traveling to where Adam had located the predators, we arrived in the Chapel of the Elders. A few feet away was a weapon. Samus said that it was the Wave Beam, a beam of electrical energy that could energize Power Conduits and electrify enemies. But, as we got there, the beam lowered into the ground, and four Baby Sheegoths attacked us! We dispatched them quickly, but then a giant Sheegoth burst through the wall. The mother. She was sure angry because we killed her babies.

Scanning it produced results that stated its mouth was weak to Missiles and its lower belly was weak to Bombs. Samus said she would bomb the underbelly while I fired Missiles at the mouth. Samus returned a few seconds later, her visor was splinters and her shoulder pads were chipped. "Too dangerous, very bad idea," she muttered. Both of us pumped the creature with Missiles and killed it in no time. We then claimed our prize, the Wave Beam.

Samus explained our suits to us. She said that the more energy we lost, the worse the shielding on the suit got. First, the visor would crack, then split, and then the shoulder pads. If we lost all our Energy Tanks and had less than 100 units left our suits would be converted to the Power Suit. If we lost all the suit's energy it would break. Samus told me that during her last battle with Mother Brain on Zebes the Hyper Beam had first cost Samus her Gravity Suit, Hi-Jump, Space Jump, Screw Attack, Speed Booster, Morph Ball, Bombs, Jumpball, Power Bombs, X-Ray Scope, Grapple Beam and what remained of her Missile and Super Missile supply (that she had not unleashed on Mother Brain). Then Mother Brain fired again, and Samus was left with the Power Beam, which could not penetrate the brain. Then another attack was unleashed on Samus: she was left with the Power Suit, and had one unit of suit energy left. A bomb was dropped on her, and her suit was destroyed. Before Mother Brain could let loose the final attack, a Metroid hatchling saved Samus and supposedly killed Mother Brain. It then proceeded to heal Samus, but could not restore her ammunition or suit upgrades, it could only restore her Power Suit. Mother Brain killed the Hatchling, who left behind the Hyper Beam. Samus used Mother Brain's own attack on her and she died. Samus escaped Zebes just before it was destroyed.

Samus said that she does not want that to happen again and so she has discovered a suit that allows higher jumping and ledge grabbing, while making it so that when she gets an upgrade it cannot be lost unless she removes it from her suit. She told me she had a large collection of suit upgrades, and chooses what to bring depending on mission.

To repair our damaged suits we picked up yellow energy capsules, refilling our Energy Tanks completely.

Chapter 11: Experiments Edit

To get out we had to use our newfound ability to open the Purple Door. When we got back to the Chozo Ice Temple there were several Scatter Bombus. Samus said that we now had the weaponry to kill them, and so we did.

Adam pointed us out to a laboratory operated by the Pirates. We entered the Ice Ruins West to access a purple door. There, we dealed with two Baby Sheegoths and climbed up a ruined building. At the top we found an opening with a stalactite. We were able to dislodge it with a Missile, and it fell to the ground, acting as a platform. We entered the Ruined Courtyard a bit afterwards and saw several platforms with a few devices, Samus said they were called Spinners. We could activate them with the Boost Ball, and we did. This activated a Bomb Slot above us, and after activating the water levels temporarily rose so we could use them. We obtained an Energy Tank and entered the top, with a door that we could not open, a Wave Beam door and a Missile door. We opened the Missile door and encountered a Recharge Station. After using it we took the Wave Beam door.

As we entered, we noticed a security turret on the ceiling. Samus noticed a switch to disable it on the wall and used it. That would prevent trouble, and cracked visors.

Around the corner we faced a nasty surprise. A Space Pirate jumped in our way. It was a Shadow Pirate, capable of cloaking itself for brief periods of time. Strangely though, it didn't. We dispatched it fast and easy.

When we entered the next room we were greeted with another nasty surprise. A turret alerted Pirates of our presence and several came to either terminate or kidnap us. I bet they would do it in such a fashion that allowed assimilation of our upgrades and suits. We could not let that come to be.

We wouldn't.

I hid behind Samus for fear of being seen, and she blasted away at the Pirates. I helped out too, though Samus recommended otherwise. I began to charge my Wave Beam, and shot it at a Pirate, then killed it with a Missile. I suggested that to Samus and we used that technique to finish the rest of the Pirates off. One had been severely weakened, and yelled "The Hunter has our slave!" He apparantly spread this across an intercom before Samus and I finished him off. Before we proceeded on we opened a Blue Door, which gave us a map of the Ice Valley. We left the map station, destroyed a turret that appeared on the second level of the lab entrance and headed on to the next room.

After we destroyed the Scatter Bombus we found ourselves in Research Lab Hydra. There were a load of terminals to scan here but we killed the Pirates before collecting the data.

Once we were done reading their logs, we climbed to the top level and used a purple door there. In the next tunnel we destroyed some Turrets located there and found ourselves in a massive Observatory. There were a few Pirates in the room, we dispatched them and activated a slot that turned itself on after we killed the Pirates.

We activated it, and a Bomb Slot was subsequently activated. We used it and thus activated another one. We used that which activated four Spinners on the ground. We used all four and that activated a holographic representation of various planets. We also saw that the platforms had been realigned to help us up to a new area. We scanned the planets and downloaded data of Zebes and Nulrem to our Logbook. When we got up to the top of the room we picked up an upgrade called the Super Missile. It is a Charge Combo that uses five Missiles and a charged Power Beam shot to fire a powerful Missile blast. Samus was about to unlock a Grey Blast Shield but I stopped her, noticing something. "Hey Samus, I just figured something out," I told her, Chet and Tom. Across from the blast shield was a purple door. I switched to the Power Beam and instructed the others to duck. I did too while firing repeatedly at the purple door. The shot reflected, but it also reflected off the blast shield behind us. I kept shooting and shooting until Samus picked it up and did it too. Chet could not use our Power Beam because he was a mage and used ice-based magic. Tom could not use it either because he was a hero and used fire-based magic. Their attacks were powerful but they would not be able to perform this trick.

After some playing we just destroyed the blast shield and went through, to find a Recharge Station. After using it we proceeded through a Crystallite and Scatter Bombu infested corridor (behind the purple door) and emerged in an elevator shaft. We activated it and went up. When we emerged the doors locked and Flying Pirates ambushed us. Samus told us that these would fly into you and crash. Instead of using the Wave Beam we kept ourselves in Power Beam mode and used Super Missiles on the creatures. They died easily. We went through the other purple door and encountered another elevator. We took it down to Research Lab Aether.

We entered and the doors locked behind us.

Chapter 12: Metroid Edit

We encountered a stasis tank in the middle of the room containing a Metroid. We scanned it to download to our Logbook, but when we finished, it escaped! We did not have the Ice Beam so taking it down would not be easy. We just blasted it with a Super Missile and that killed it.

We were not finished. A Pirate jumped through the glass window, giving us access to the next part of the room. We killed the Pirate and jumped downward. We dispatched all of the Pirates there and destroyed a stasis tank that had an Energy Tank. Really stupid of the Pirates to put it there. It could just upgrade the hunter and the "slave" to bigger power levels.

We were careful because there was another Metroid in a stasis tank, but thank god it didn't escape. We knew from smashing the stasis tank with the extra 100 units of energy that these tanks were vulnerable to a Missile. If we needed to use them against a Pirate here, we wouldn't use it near a tank.

We entered a tunnel where we fought Ice Beetles. We killed them with a Missile and found ourselves in the Research Core. We killed the Flying Pirates that were there and dropped down to three levels of the room. There was an object at the bottom of the room that was protected by an energy shield that we could slowly disable by scanning the terminals. We did so and dropped down to the last level. There was a White Door down there. "Dammit, we can't use it! Can't use anything!" Samus and I both yelled. We grabbed the object, which was the Thermal Visor, and the Pirates must have killed the lights, because we were plunged into total darkness.

Some Pirates ambushed us. We used our new upgrade and climbed back to the top of the room. As we did, three Metroids that were behind barriers broke free. "How do they keep doing that?!" I shrieked. We annihilated all three with Super Missiles and reached the top. "You'd think that the Pirates could make their Metroids more securely quarantined," I said. Up at the top we located an object called a Power Conduit which could be energized with the Wave Beam, but heat radiated from it that we couldn't see without our Thermal Visor. One blast from the Wave Beam energized the conduit, and we began our backtracking.

After a few rooms we reached Research Lab Aether, noticing that there were now two Metroids in stasis tanks. I said to Samus "I have an idea," and I destroyed its tank. "What the hell, are you nuts?!" she shrieked at me. But my plan worked.

I had released it so that it would kill the Pirates. We would have less dirty work to do. It sucked the Pirates dry, so dry that they were cold objects in the Thermal Visor. Good as dead.

After it was done the slaughter-fest, the Metroid came to kill the last living thing in the room: us. But you now know how we would annihilate it, so don't think it was our end.

After a long trip we reached the Ruined Courtyard. Ah, fresh air. After going through all those filthy labs we would need a bath. After we used the Recharge Station we reviewed the logs we had picked up back there.

Chapter 13: Cold HeartEdit

The logs spoke of an experiment that the Pirates had created, proven to be too powerful, and so it was quarantined. Well, I guess we were about to meet the beast.

We scanned the panel above the inactive door. It had a shield made of Cordite covering it. "May I do the honors?" asked Samus. "Yes, you may." One blast took care of it.

In the next tunnel there were two Pulse Bombus. A smaller tunnel came after that, with Pulse Bombus above, trying to bomb us. We boosted through and reached the end. There we entered the Quarantine Cave.

A long jump down (Samus held me, remember back in the ruins?) and a blizzard started happening. The snow collected up and formed into a ghost-like creature. After it was done forming, I scanned it. I identified it as "the Snow Spirit" which was the experiment that the Pirates spoke of. It had a weak point that we could only see in the infared spectrum. Turning on our Thermal Visors, we spotted one. A Super Missile blast took care of it, but my screen flashed brightly saying "Thermal Visor Overload. Return to Combat Visor." I screamed in agony, my visor falling from my face. Samus blasted at the weak point. Suddenly, the spirit became a ball. We ran away, but just before, Samus left a Bomb in the spirit's path, which shattered the weak point. "I'll do that from now on..." she said to me. After a tough battle, the spirit turned back into a pile of snow. It left behind a new upgrade: the Spider Ball.

Samus and I picked it up and used it to escape the room. We took a different path from last time, that took us to an alternate exit to the Lava Caves. A Spider Ball Track was ahead of us but it lead to an Ice Beam door. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!!!!!!!!!!!" Samus yelled. "Calm down," I said to her. She did. An elevator was in the room, we activated it and entered a room in the caves called Lava Workstation, but not before using a Recharge Station. The door to the workstation was a purple door and the door to the Recharge Station was a blast shield. Remembering the observatory in the Pirate labs, I was about to play but Samus stopped me. "No more joking. If we're to get my abilities back we should not delay."

Anyway, in the workstation, we were greeted by very hospitable Flying Pirates. Not. A Super Missile took care of one of them, but one crashed into me. I wasn't able to get away in time, and so my suit suffered major damage. Samus turned on her Thermal Visor and discovered three Power Conduits. She activated them and powered up a lava pump next to the platforms that led out. A Morph Ball passage was revealed. The lava covering it had cooled, but not forever. We heard the familiar siren, saying that we had a limited time only. We went into the tunnel and scanned the board there. Then another passage was cooled. Taking that, we scanned another board. A final passage was revealed and we got an Energy Tank. My suit was restored to its fullest.

Continuing on, we entered a room and faced a large creature called a Puddle Spore. It looked very much like Spore Spawn. We had to shoot its insides when it was revealed to stun it, make it turn over and use it as a platform. We soon entered a massive room called the Geothermal Core. There were two more Puddle Spores to cross. There were various Bomb Slots and Spinners above us, but to get to them we needed the Grapple Beam. The next room had a Magmoor in it. As Samus began to attack it, I fired a Missile at a stalactite above it to dislodge it. It crushed the Magmoor. Samus chuckled.

Another room followed that featured more stalactites, more Magmoors and some Puffers. We crossed the room, clearing it of the enemies and dislodging the stalactites. After some more rooms we reached the elevator to the Nulrem Overworld, from the other way. We chose to continue back to the Temple elevator. Before leaving the caves, we picked up an artifact in the Lava Lake, by shattering the pole in the middle.

Chapter 14: Tainted SpiritEdit

We entered the Sun Tower and defeated several War Wasps along with their hives. A giant decoration with runes covered the Spider Ball Track leading back to the Sunchamber. We found the runes, having to blast several Cordite decorations covering them, and climbed the track. We were careful not to hit the Oculus on the tracks.

As we opened the door, we saw a ghost taking on the form of a Chozo rush away. We also heard sinister breathing. Samus shuddered but I remained firm. As we entered the Sunchamber we found the corpse of the Plant Core. However, continuing on, three white spheres flew out from it and morphed into the ghosts we encountered earlier. Scanning it revealed them to be Chozo Ghosts. The were invulnerable to fire, ice or electricity. That meant only our Power Beam could work. I wondered if Super Missiles worked, so I fired one at a ghost, and it took a good amount of damage. Wonderful, that'll make everything easier.

However, the other two faded out of existence. The Thermal Visor couldn't track them. We needed x-ray imaging to spot them. It was a tough battle, but once we finished a Chozo Artifact appeared over the rotting corpse of the plant core. The vines over our original entrance to the room also disappeared. We made our way back to the Gathering Hall, because we knew that a Spider Ball Track was nearby. Indeed, Adam sent a message saying he discovered an abnormally low temperature in the temple. We arrived back in the Furnace, and once there we accessed the track we couldn't use before. After crossing it we entered a real Furnace and noticed a white door in front of us, some Spider Ball Tracks to the right of us and a Morph Ball tunnel and Chozo Lore entry to the left of us. We scanned the Lore, looking around for a way to use the Spider Ball Tracks. We found a small panel underneath the tracks saying "This Bendezium portion of the floor is weak". "Dammit, Power Bombs..." Samus whispered. Oh well. We used the Morph Ball tunnel.

It lead to the Crossway, which had a large half pipe in the middle and three Chozo Lore entries on one side. We used the half-pipe, scanning the Lore and continuing on. After a hall full of Scarabs, we arrived in the ever huge Hall of Elders. Jumping down, another Chozo Ghost showed up out of a Chozo Statue's hands and attacked us. There was only one this time so we beat it pretty easily. After it was defeated the statue's hands began to glow. We went into Morph Ball in the statue's hands and it bowled used up to a Spider Ball track, that lead to a Bomb Slot. Using that, we uncovered three more Bomb Slots that appeared to work with different beams. The purple one meant Wave Beam, so we shot the slot and used it. The statue opened a new path, which lead higher up. The switch for the Force Field that we saw earlier was there, so we disabled it. We then continued on, to the Reflecting Pool.

Samus could not see through a water-filled half-pipe, so I told her I saw a switch in the middle, made of Talloric Alloy. That meant a Bomb could break it. While we waited for the acid to drain we took a look at our surroundings. When the water finished draining, we were able to use the half-pipe, and encountered two Blast Shields above. The one on the left lead to the Ice Beam. The other one lead to a Recharge Station, after using that we found a Morph Ball tunnel behind us and went through it to find an elevator. It took us back to the Nulrem Overworld. 

Chapter 15: GravityEdit

Now we could access that door in Ice Valley that was previously unusable. The elevator lead to a hall full of Geemers. Missiles took care of them. After that we entered the crash site of the wrecked ship. "Huh?" I asked. "I was in space orbiting this planet. It crashed." We didn't go in there because we knew it would be flooded. Three critically injured Pirates lay under the ship's base. We had no trouble defeating them. Across the lake we found two crates with blue liquid seeping out of it. Phazon. "Don't touch it," Samus said. "I know what it is." I answered back. We then trekked back to the Valley, to the elevator that linked to an area we could not yet cross.

It lead to an uncharted region of the valley. The room had a Pulse Bombu in it, and an Energy Tank encased in ice. Before Samus could complain, I put my finger over her lips. We entered the Frozen Pike, and then a few more rooms, until we finally reached the Gravity Chamber. Right in front of us, we saw the Gravity Suit. Picking it up, our suits were given a purple, yellow and blue color scheme, but the best part was that it granted free movement in water, and protection from some types of lava.

We then began the long trek back to the ship.

Chapter 16: Memories Edit

Chapter 17: Greed Edit

Chapter 18: Upgrade HuntEdit

Chapter 19: Corrupted Edit

Chapter 20: Invader Edit

Chapter 21: Confrontation Edit

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