Shinnosuke Tomari

Shinnosuke Tomari is a public servant of the law, and is known as the red, car-driving vanguard of justice, Kamen Rider Drive
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Parents Eisuke Tomari
Height 1.85 cm
Weight 102 kg
Main Weapon Handle-Ken, Door Ju, Shift Cars, Tridoron
Alt Form Type Speed, Type Wild, Type Technic, Type Dead Heat, Type Formula, Type Tridoron
Hair Black
Affiliation Special Investigation Unit
Voice Actor Ryoma Takeuchi
"Let's go for a ride!"
―Shinnosuke's pre-battle banter as Kamen Rider Drive[src]
 Shinnosuke Tomari is Kamen Rider Drive. A member of the Special Investigation Unit, Shinnosuke is a police detective who investigates Roidmude-related cases, including Heaviness and Gravity Accelerations instigated by Roidmudes. After the Roidmude crisis, Shinnosuke becomes promoted to the first division of the police; up until now, he later returns to duty as a Kamen Rider.


For all the canonical history related to this character, go to Shinnosuke Tomari at Kamen Rider Wiki.


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Powers and abilitiesEdit

Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron
Kamen Rider Drive in Type Tridoron
Race Human
Gender Male
Attacks Door-Ju, Tire Mix (People Saver, Kouji Genbar)
Weakness Speed Booster
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Reward Shinnosuke joins with Samus' party
Featured in Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations
  • Shinnosuke about to transform into Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron.
When Samus meets with Shinnosuke for the second time, she is forced to test her strength with Drive in Type Tridoron. During her fight against, Drive in Type Tridoron has the most sheer amount of hitbox inflicted to Samus in terms of his punching and kicking power, even more heavier than Type Speed. Since Type Tridoron is capable of mixing the power of three Shift Cars into one Shift Tire, the People Saver Tire Combination can drag Samus back to the ground with Shift Fire Braver's Ladder Expander, and trapping her with the Justice Cage.

Much like Shotaro and Takumi, Shinnosuke is frequent with hand gestures, as he is mostly seen flickering his right wrist by opening and closing it while his left hand is holding it.


  • Despite being married to Kiriko, Shinnosuke is also implied to be attracted to Samus.
    • A running gag althrough out the story has Shinnosuke quipping over Samus's masculine-like tendencies, this is likely due to the fact from the original Metroid game, Samus often mistaken for a man at the end of the game.
  • Shinnosuke, as Kamen Rider Drive, along with Faiz, Kabuto, KivaDecadeWizard, and Ghost share the distinction of being able to best Samus in a battle. Drive is able to do so with Type Tridoron, while the other aforementioned Riders are able to beat her without any trouble at all; even without relying on their strongest forms.
  • Much like Metroid having inspiration from the Aliens franchise, the entirety of Kamen Rider Drive is a homage to Knight Rider, with the series having the tagline, Kamen Rider meets Knight Rider. Shinnosuke is based on Michael Knight and Mike Traceur.
  • Shinnosuke's actor, Ryoma Takeuchi, is shown to have a beauty mark on underneath the right side of his lip. Another running gag has Shinnosuke contemplating his own beauty mark comparing it to Samus's, whose beauty mark is also below her left lip.

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