Ski-4h image
3-d model
Vital statistics
Type class XII iron planet
Location rogue planet
Inhabitants Glitch, zoomers, assassin scorpion

Ski-4h is rouge planet which has a sun for it's own. That's why it's rogue; because there's no other planets orbiting this sun. The core is solid iron, just like the surface and it is x2 the size of Norion. It's capital city is in the core.


This planet was once home to Glitch's race. Back then, it was covered with beautiful fields and forests, until an invasion by space pirates burnt the planet down to its iron crust. All of Glitch's race was destroyed.



The capital city, Cyro(just ruins)-Directions:Just simply roam the planet until you find a cave in the ground with glowing green orbs on the walls. Follow the orbs to the planets core.

Tombs of living(tombs of famous 'people' from Glitches species)-Directions:from Cyro take exit 23(exits are numbered) and continue east until you see a tomb statue.

Ruins of other various cities can be found by roaming around the planet.


Glitch(bounty hunter), zoomers, ASSASSIN SCORPION

Things to attackEdit

ASSASSIN SCORPIONS are extremly dangerous, measuring up to 4 metres tall/5 metres wide with bio-hydraulics within. This works by pumping blood to move parts of the body.But it also uses extremly powerful muscles as well to create the ultimate killing machine with strength, speed and efficiency. The stinger injects acid to burn foes from the inside, but there are only about 500 left in the wild and none in captivity. Their weakness is plasma, so it is highly recommended to bring Plasma beam technology with you on a visit.


You can find a lot of lore lying around, but no-one can piece them together to find out what exactly happened here. If anyone can, they will recieve a large reward.

Also avalible is is iron, which somehow grows like plants on the surface of the planet. It can just be picked like fruit, although no-one knows how.

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