Hunter,after his recent run in with some shadow pirates had left him energetic and ready for battle, but this planet wasn't winning this war anytime soon, perhaps never.

Meanwhile Samus was in ship-to-ship combat with a pirate frigate and was not winning! So she decided to take it out from the inside. Then she flew in close enough so its artificial gravity would effect her, then she jumped out, and her ship disintergrated. An Ultionis cannon fired at her, and she was knocked unconsious, drifting through space alone.

Down on ski-4h, the battle raged on. Evacuation had been ordered and every home fled, but pirates prevented this with swift execution style murders. One elite soldier, the last of the special defences, named Glitch was appointed to protect the evac squads and then fire prototype Galaxis atom collapser beam at the planet's sun, destroying all life on that planet. Only one shelter on the whole planet existed near the controls for this terrifying beam.

So with evacuation complete, all civilians on their way off the planet, Glitch fired the beam and hid in the shelter. It destroyed the life on the planet's surface as well as accidently killing the evacuated civilians. The planet itself crumbled. The planet's wisdom and knowledge was lost forever. Glitch was the only survivor. Filled with unimaginable sadness, he bitterly mourned for his planet.

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