Souji Tendou
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Parents Soichi Kusakabe (father)
Satomi Kusakabe (mother)
Gender Male
Height 195 cm; Rider Form
Weight 95 kg; Rider Form
Alt Form Masked Form
Hyper Form
Hair Black
Affiliation Himself
Voice Actor Hiro Mizushima (TV Series)
Tsuyoshi Takishita (Kamen Rider Climax Heroes to Battride War II)
Souji Tendou is Kamen Rider Kabuto. Originally born as Souji Kusakabe, Tendou in his childhood was raised by his grandmother along with his half-sister, whom the latter he quotes the wisdom he inherits from.


For the canonical history relating to this character, go to Souji Tendou at Kamen Rider Wiki.

Boss BattleEdit

Kamen Rider Kabuto
Race Human
Gender Male
Attacks Kabuto Kunai Gun, (Hyper) Clock Up, Perfect Zecter
Weakness Charge Beam, Gori Bagoon
Location Shibuya Meteorite (2nd battle)
Status Can transform to Hyper Form
Reward Insect Suit
Featured in Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations

 Samus' first battle against Kabuto transitions from unarmed combat to a speed battle, as such does not use any of her Rider Suits but the Varia Suit. With her Speed Booster being able to bypass Clock Up regardless that the latter ability is used to move into the speed of light.  However, Kabuto was able to dominate her when he finishes Samus with a Rider Kick powerful enough to forcibly deactivate her suit.

During her second battle against Kabuto before Ridley's interruption, it seems the Gori Bagoon coming Kamen Rider OOO's Sagohzo Combo allows Samus to slow Kabuto down with powerful punches. 


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