Sovas are creatures that are adapted to extremely hot environments. They are native to the Norfair of Zebes, and were also present on the Bottle Ship and the BSL station.

Sovas were formerly called Novas until one Galactic Federation scientist mistakenly called them Sovas, and the name has stuck ever since. Sovas are valued by the Space Pirates, due to the fact that they carry fire. As such, the Space Pirates had used them to conquer planet Sigma, destroying the forests and civilization there. The N'Kren, the inhabitants of the planet, were driven to near-extinction due to the infestation of Sovas. The planet became a superheated, lava-filled location, renamed by the Space Pirates as "Pyrodia". In Metroid: Avenger, Ron Green visited the planet and destroyed the Sova Queen, driving the Sovas out of control. Most Sovas were destroyed, but the rest were captured by the Space Pirates and brought to Z-SF761, where they were kept in stasis tubes.

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