Just something I do out of random. A short little fanfic meaning next to nothing.


Exhausted after her ordeal on Phaaze, Samus laid back in her pilot seat. Examining the interior of her personal gunship, that she still had yet to name, she decided that it needed some decoration. A new rug in the cockpit, a Water Generator so she wouldn't have to keep stopping by Zebes for a new supply, maybe even some clothes other than her easily cleanable Zero Suit.

Speaking of which, she had recently stopped by Elysia and reverted to her Power Suit before entering her gunship and leaving. At the moment, she was getting rather hot in even the cooled Zero Suit, so she pulled herself out of it, leaving her in a bra and underwear.

Samus then pulled her red hairband out of her hair and let the annoyingly long tresses of blonde get in her face. Rubbing her temples, she knelt on the ground and fell asleep for a moment. Upon waking up, Samus went to the mirror.

Unhooking the straps on her bra and letting it fall to the carpeted floor, she examined her naked breasts. Samus personally thought that they looked too large for a 23 year old. She then stripped herself further before stepping into the shower. She turned the water on cold, and let herself cool down in the low temperature. It reminded her of Phendrana Drifts, a place she decided she needed to visit soon.

Combing her waves of yellow, she also decided she should start doing it up into a bun. At that second, her ship was rocked by an explosion.

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