Super Justin Bailey is a hack of Super Metroid that restores the one feature the game was missing: to play as Samus without her suit.

The hack was made in 2002 by Auximines, who drew new sprites of Samus Aran, armorless, by hand and changed the ingame graphics.


Auximines started making the graphics in late 2001. When designing the Samus sprite he faced many difficulties, as there was no modern depiction of her and because he disliked her outfit in the original Super Metroid (a black sports bra, underwear, wristbands and boots). Since the theme was "swimsuit", he based her appearance off a design he liked, and added some liberties deviating from the original armorless Samus, such as "space sneakers".

Auximines allows use of his sprites in Super Metroid ROM hacks, but does not permit their use in "nude hacks" (hacks that feature a nude Samus).


For the opening intro graphics, Auximines copied sprites from an old game and modified them.

The Samus sprite has a ponytail, and has pinkish skin as in the first Metroid, and wears a purple, open-chested leotard with white trim, white "space sneakers" and carries a white pistol. The sprite looks rather quite like Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury; however, Auximines has dismissed possibilities that Shiranui was used as inspiration.

When the High-Jump Boots are collected, Samus' shoes will become larger around the ankles. When the Varia Suit is collected, the leotard will turn red and have flat shoulder pads on it. The Gravity Suit colors the suit blue. If Samus dies, her suit will explode as in Super Metroid, but she will wear a one piece black leotard and not have boots, unlike Super Metroid.


  • Ending 1 shows Samus grabbing her pistol, aiming it at the screen and smiling, before jumping offscreen.
  • Ending 2 features Samus with her back turned to the screen. She undoes her hair from her ponytail, looks back and poses before jumping offscreen.
  • Ending 3 shows her stripping down to a blue two-piece bikini, undoing her hair.

Contrary to popular belief, the "best" ending does not feature a nude Samus.