Vital statistics
Effects Extreme Mutations,
Source Synthetic
Cost to buy Distribution is highly illegal but lucrative.
Cost to sell Distribution is highly illegal but lucrative.

Synthzon is a highly radioactive substance. Based off of data the Galactic Federation collected on phazon, the substance is essentially a synthetic version of phazon.


Synthzon was first produced several months after the destruction of Phaaze. It was originally produced as a Fuel Gel replacement; however, Federation Scientists soon found the substance was not only as good as a fuel as phazon, but as good as a mutagen as well. Knowing its possible uses, the Galactic Federation kept it top secret, never revealing the substances true nature. Eventually, a shipment was stolen by the Ki Hunters, who managed to reverse engineer the substance after several years of experimenting with the stolen sample.


The name of "synthzon" is a portmanteau of "synthetic" and "phazon."

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