A few months after the Subspace Incident,Samus gets a message from the Galactic Federation which stated that a portal appears out of nowhere on an unknown crystal world called Magnovia(planet).Samus goes to investigate While being pursued by an unknown ship.Samus lands and she finds an egg then a Crystal Crocomire came out of the ground and started throwing crystals at her.Samus dodged them and fought valiantly and she soon sent him to a pit of radioactive pit of liquid crytal.She then put the egg in her ship and is headed to Magnovia portal site.Back at the cavern Samus finds the Diamond tipped missle.She then finds the portal and Sylux makes his appearence.When they are about to do battle an Armank comes out of the portal.Samus and Sylux defeated it and then Ridley appeares out of the portal.Samus and Sylux manage to wound Ridley but he escaped into Subspace.They were in pursuit of him but they got shot down by Galleom.(I will be making a new chapter once a week or when ever I have time.You can help put up articles from these stories if you know about Subspace.)


1 another mission

2 Magnovia

3 The Portal

4 The Pursuit

5 Into Subspace