Takatora Kureshima
Takatora Gaiden Zangetsu

Takatora during the present time.
Species Human
Homeworld Earth (Zawame City)
Parents Amagi Kureshima (father)
Gender Male
Height 206 cm (on both Rider Forms)
Weight 109 cm (on both Rider Forms)
Main Weapon Zangetsu
  • Musou Saber
  • Melon Defender

Zangetsu Shin

  • Sonic Arrow
Alt Form Armored Rider Zangetsu Melon Arms (Sengoku Driver)

New Generation Rider Zangetsu Shin Melon Energy Arms (Genesis Driver)

Hair Black
Affiliation Yggdrasil Corporation (formerly), Zawame City Restoration Bureau (current)
Voice Actor Yuki Kubota
"Takatora vaguely resembled the commanding officer with the same name I gave to you. But the main difference that he showed signs of care, especially towards his own brother."
Samus Aran to the Adam computer, musing over Takatora[src]
Takatora Kureshima is Kamen Rider Zangetsu. He was once known as one of Yggdrasil Corporation's figureheads before being betrayed by his cohorts and was nearly killed by his own brother, Mitsuzane during the Helheim manifestation of Zawame City, until he was revealed to be alive. Currently, Takatora is the overseer of the Zawame City's Restoration Bureau several months after the Helheim Invasion.

In Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, he and his brother Mitsuzane play a very pivotal role to Samus in her quest to acquaint the Kamen Riders, as they both found Samus in the planet of Helheim, whom they thought of the latter to be an invader.

Takatora has two Rider identities; Armored Rider Zangetsu, when using a Sengoku Driver, and New Generation Zangetsu Shin, with the Genesis Driver. Takatora is also given the name as the "White Armored Rider".

History Edit

For all the canonical history relating to this character, go to Takatora Kureshima at Kamen Rider Wiki.

Personality Edit

Micchy and takatora

Mitsuzane on the left, Takatora on the right.

"Mitsuzane, from this day onward. Samus is now a part of us. She will find her resolve on her mission to find other Kamen Riders to join with her. But, as of this moment, we must teach her to live like a normal human. That's why we can't leave her alone now that she had left her home in the future behind, as she is now building up her own future in the present time. This is the only way we can repay her after she gave us a ride home back to Earth. If in case you don't know, if we too can fight by her side; miracles can happen."
―Takatora to Mitsuzane, about his decision to adopt Samus.[src]

Takatora is a multi-faceted man who once spearheaded a company, currently on a duty of rebuilding that once ravaged Zawame City and the world itself, he is passionate about protecting humanity who did not wish to see what remained of his company's products to fall into the wrong hands, one such example when the Black Bodhi are illegally mass producing Sengoku Drivers. Takatora is a caring brother, after seeing Mitsuzane in an emotional breakdown after the Helheim Incident months later, he eventually make his efforts to bring him into good spirits. Overtime, whenever Mitsuzane's past continue to haunt him, Takatora decided to entrust Samus to look after Mitsuzane in his place.

Later, when Samus becomes used into protecting humanity with allies, he and his brother Mitsuzane formed a secret organization called Third Yggdrasil, in honor of his former conglomerate, the Yggdrasil Corporation.

Powers and abilities Edit

to be added

Quotes Edit

  • "That's why you should not make that woman very angry. Even if she starts to worry about you."

Theme song Edit

Takatora, as Zangetsu has no insert song of his own during Kamen Rider Gaim. In Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, his insert song is "Supernova" by Tetra-Fang, which is originally the theme song for Kamen Rider Kiva in Emperor Form.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Samus, Takatora vaguely resembles Commander Adam Malkovich in terms of appearance and personality. However, the older Kureshima is unaware this, despite the fact that Samus herself secretly harbors feelings towards both him and Mitsuzane.
  • Both Takatora and Mitsuzane are notable in Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations to have acted as surrogate brothers to Samus in a special case, while in the cases of Commander Malkovich and Gray Voice were father figures to the bounty hunter.
  • Takatora's hidden feelings of care towards Samus' well being is similar to that with Mitsuzane.
  • Takatora is the second character (and the first character outside of the Metroid series) to say Adam's quote to Samus, "Any objections, lady?", with Samus' response being slapping Takatora, albeit affectionately on the face.
  • In the entirety of Kamen Rider Gaim, Takatora is somehow represented with his primary Rider identity as Zangetsu, as he is more prominent with being Zangetsu Shin.
    • Conversely, Zangetsu Shin being the upgraded form of Zangetsu is similar to the Varia Suit being one of Samus' Power Suit upgrades, with a more hue of color to distinguish itself between the two suits.

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