Takumi Inui
Takumi 2014

Takumi Inui is a part-human and part-Orphenoch who can transform with a Rider belt to become Kamen Rider Faiz.
Species Human (formerly, reborn as an Orphenoch)
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Height 186cm (in all forms)
Weight 91 kg (94 kg in Blaster Form)
Main Weapon Faiz Edge, Faiz Shot, Faiz Pointer, Faiz Axel Watch, Faiz Blaster, Auto Vajin
Alt Form Axel Form
Blaster Form
Hair Brown
Affiliation Himself
Voice Actor Kento Handa
 Takumi Inui is Kamen Rider Faiz. Little known about him that he is part-Orphenoch, whose genetics provides compatibility with Smart Brain's Rider Systems, as such being able to transform with the Faiz Gear.


For the canonical history related to this character, go to Takumi Inui at Kamen Rider Wiki.

Boss BattleEdit

Faiz is fought two times by Samus in their first encounter, only for her to be outmatched by the Rider's instinctive fighting techniques, as such giving him the distinction being one of the Kamen Riders to outmatch Samus in a fight. Takumi as Faiz fights in a bar brawling fashion, with wild swings, rapid punches and kicks. Given to his background as a Wolf Orphenoch, Takumi usually attacks his foes in a fit of rage, one such example when he attacked Samus unwittingly. Due to the Faiz Gear's versatility usage, Takumi made use most of the gear's functionality to the point that he is undoubtedly be able to unlock its full potential.

The most distinguishing feature of Faiz is his tendency to flick his wrist in the middle of the fight, as a means to taunt his opponents, or showing his seriousness. This would later be influenced by future Kamen Riders such as W and Drive. Also, before doing his Crimson Smash Rider Kick, he would kneel forward with one hand on his leg.


  • The name "Inui" translates to "dog", referencing Takumi's background as the Wolf Orphenoch, while the name Takumi translates as "adroit" or skillful, referencing his fighting skills.
  • Faiz is one of the few Kamen Riders by distinction alongside Decade, Kabuto, Kiva, Drive, and Ghost who succeeded in outmatching Samus, and is also capable of defeating her instantly.

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