In the the Galactic Federation starship that thundered through space, (or rather not, without matter for the sound to pass through) the hunter was given the objective. The bounty hunter was to retrieve Samus Aran, whom had recently destroyed the BSL station in the orbit of SR388 and most of SR388 along with it. Thanks to her, Biologic had not only lost their station, but several species that could have had endless potential.

But to the hunter none of this mattered. The hunter was going to capture this Aran person, and be paid a hefty sum. That was all that had any importance to the hunter, as always. The mysterious hunter climbed into a gunship, and sped into the blackness of space.

Samus leaned back. She had obliterated the X threat, and that was currently one of the most important things. She wondered how she would face the Federation. It was going to have to be done at some point, her entire career had been with them. Adam, the computer, was controlling the ships movement. She pondered for a while, then decided to retire for the day. It had been a rather eventful one.

Samus was jolted from her sleep. The ship had just violently lurched. She activated the fusion suit, and ran to the controls. "Adam! What in the galaxy just happened!?" she bellowed to the computer. EVENT UNKNOWN appeared on the terminal, followed by POSSIBLE HOSTILE ACTIVITY. The ship rocked again, and one of the lights failed. Adam completed diagnostics on the situation. PLASMA WEAPONS ARE BEING DIRECTED AT US, ACTIVATING EVASIVE MANEUVERS. The ship sped ahead, but was still being pursued. Samus assumed manual control, and laid mines in the hopes of destroying the threat. It avoided them, and launched a missile. Samus managed to dodge it, but found by doing that she had wandered into the path of another. She was obviously dealing with someone skilled, so she decided to go somewhat berserk. She spun her ship to face the enemy, and fired a missile directly at it. It hit, but the enemy was unfazed. It fired 5 homing missiles at Samus' gunship, and 2 of them hit. Adam ejected the emergency backup DataChip, and Samus quickly put it into the suit. Samus fired all the weapons that she could, but they did little damage to this small, black ship. It hurled several massive orbs of energy at them. The ship was rapidly giving. She used some of the last shreds of power the ship had to launch a power bomb at the ship. It slowed the ship down, to say the least. Samus then attempted her escape. Chapter 2

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