The hunter fumed. This "Samus" had actually managed to evade it! Really, that was unheard of. And who knew where she could be. Now it needed to restock on Fuel Gel and other commodities. Well, it was time to call in the cavalry. It soon landed at a space station, and purchased a stock of weapons. It smirked. Once the hunter found her, revenge would come.

The Galactic Federation council of leaders discussed the recent destruction of the B.S.L station and SR388. It was quite odd. Aran had been loyal to them for years. Then she destroyed a massive space station owned by Biologic. Had she just turned terrorist? The council had decided that this was the truth. Yet was it? Haruf Joi wondered. He was the soul member of the council that was not convinced that she was now a complete madwoman. This kept nagging him. And where was she? It had been 3 days since the bounty hunter they had employed had sent a message saying she had escaped his grip. They had had some sort of dogfight near nebula 38906. If she was innocent, why run? All this rotated around his mind. She must be loyal. But then again..., he decided to wait for more information before he made any rash decisions.

The hunter's smirk had now progressed into a rather maniacal laugh. It had actually located Aran again, on the planet Aether. She apparently had conducted a previous mission there, and had some alien allies. But with it's weaponry, it didn't matter if she had the denizens of 50 galaxies on her side.

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