The Legend of the ZoomersEdit

On a desolate planet far off in the galaxy, renowned intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran has been ordered to exterminate all Metroids on the planet. The planet, named XN294, was recently introduced to the parasitic life forms by the ever-persistent Space Pirates. However, as Samus wanders the lonely landscape, she is watched by small eyes.

A zoomer, peering out of a rock crevice, shrinks away as the giant orange being strides past. This particular zoomer, called Nitox (pronounced Nie-toh), is a loner; he left his zoomer clan in order to begin a life of his own. Now, he looks on at this thing, this strange alien that has somehow made it to XN294. The lonely zoomer, hoping to befriend the alien, crawls slowly out of his rock hole and nudges the orange monster's leg. Immediatley, the alien whips around and blasts Nitox with a cannon mounted on it's arm. Being a zoomer, Nitox is in posession of a very powerful deflector shield. Now, any zoomer, in the presence os another sentient species, is forbidden from utilizing this technology, as per Zoomer written law. Unfortunately, Nitox remebered this too late, activating his shield at the last second. "CHZING!!" The beam was deflected off into space. Scanning his target, Nitox quickly learned how to appeal to the giant monster. Apparently, these creatures called humans are a very emotional species, and Nitox knew precisely how to employ this knowledge. Rubbing against its leg, Nitox expressed his intentions, and the two became steadfast friends....

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