Nitox the Zoomer had successfully combined two of Samus Aran's deadliest weapons, the Ice Beam and the Power bomb, to create an ultimate Metroid-killing weapon. Using the Sub-zero Implosion Grenade, the two could freeze the entire Metroid cave, destroy a great number of them, and escape before the rest thawed. Repeating this technique, the two heroes could destroy the Metroids on XN294 forever. Nitox, not having arms, stood waiting for Samus to throw the grenade. As she hurled it into the cave, Nitox heard the bloodcurdling screams of the Metroids as they froze solid.

Whipping out their weapons, Samus and Nitox ran into the cave, guns blazing. They couldn't believe how many Metroids were in that one cave! Frozen Metroids, strewn throughout the cave, were destroyed; thousands of pieces flew in the air as Super Missiles and Concussion blasts annhilated the iced Metroids. Soon, the
Frozen Metroids
Metroids began thawing out, and Samus and the little zoomer had to retreat behind a pile of rocks. For a first run, hundreds of parasites were eliminated. Nitox prepped the second grenade as Samus watched the cave. Metroids flew back and forth within, confused by their dead comrades that lay on the cave floor. Once the grenade was ready, Samus threw it straight into the mouth of the cave. This time, however, the Metroids weren't just frozen, they were completely destroyed!

Frozen Metroid PLAN

The freezing effect of the Ice Beam had coupled with the piercing quality of the Power Bomb so well, it had actually frozen the very central nucleus of the Metroids. This caused a strong chemical reaction, resulting in the disintigration of the Metroid. However, one Metroid remained, deep in the bowels of the cave. It waited for Samus and Nitox to inspect the cave. It waited, tastind their flesh in anticipation...

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