Nitox the zoomer had no idea who or what his new friend was. Turns out, this large orange monster is the legendary Samus Aran. Zoomers all across the universe fear and renown her, partly because of her sensless killing of the zoomers' species, and partly because she uses the Power Suit that represents peace between two kinds. The Zoomers and the Chozo, both intelligent beyond belief, had combined their minds to create a weapon so powerful, they could not trust their own kinds with it. So, when a young human, orphaned at the hands of space pirates, presented herself to the Chozo, both Zoomers and Chozo decided to grant her the use of this ultimate weapon. However, the Zoomers were not given the credit they were due, and the young girl unknowigly killed hundreds of zoomers, unaware that she was killing the very creatures that had contributed to the construction of her Power Suit. Now, the zoomer Nitox established a bond with Samus, communicating to her the entire truth of the origin of her suit. As the two learned more and more about each others' species, Samus vowed to never kill another zoomer. However, she had a mission. Samus had apparently been ordered to destroy the Metroids that inhabit XN294. Nitox knew where her enemies hid, and decided to help Samus with her quest. Metroids, a species hated and feared by Zoomers, had infested the peaceful planet of XN294 and plagued the landscape. The Metroids hid in a cave on the dark side of the planet, and Nitox figured that Samus might appreciate a little help. By writing in the grainy soil, Nitox asked Samus if he could accompany her on her journey. Samus, not being one to turn down her new friend, gratefully accepted his offer. Now, Nitox thought, maybe this planet can finally be free of the Metroids' infestation.

Samus and Zoomer

Nitox and Samus

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