Bourkie kopya

The Torizo has a lot certain analogies and relationship with Bourke Parakeet what belongs to the Earth as a RO-Bourkalien. Shapes of beak and eye of both are almost same. Both have dark brownish-gray or yellow situations; brown ones have their private pink stomachs, and some of yellow bourkes have green stomachs even if they are very rare and there are more yellow-pink bourkes because of changing to the brown one like Torizo.

Torizo's care, Bourkie the brown Bourke Parakeet from the Earth has a wonderful company with Torizo and expects to meet Torizo one day. But this little creature doesn't have any wings and tail. But at least it has achieved that getting blade-feathers on its arms by Torizo's signals that could be got only parrots and so that could protect itself.

Bourkes03-thmb kopya

They find that serving Chozo and İts Fellows and Presence of Wild Psittacines and building the project of Parrot Apocalypse very sublime and wonderful.

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