The Wrack Empire are composed up of Wracks. A Wrack is spider-like in shape, they have eight legs and three feelers that they use to smell. Wracks have 14 large bulbous eyes surrounding their carapace. A Wrack is rounded with a hard carapace, they have pincer-like mouths and are omnivores. The hierarchical system of The Wrack Empire is based upon which caste the Wrack is born into. If the Wrack is born into a worker caste, it is a worker. If it is born into a warrior caste, it is a warrior. Wracks have no clearly defined gender, and no name. Their name is based on their job. Wracks often live four times the life span of humans.


The Wracks originated from planet Wrikis-7, the only planet in the Wrikis System that is capable of supporting life. Amazingly, Wracks speak a language incredibly similar to english, called Markjx (mark-jix).

Before achieving space flight, the Wracks were a part of a civil war that nearly destroyed their race. Thanks to great leader Wracks, their civilization was saved and a new form of government was established that allowed freedom for all Wracks.

When The Wrack Empire achieved space flight, they were mainly a neutral race. They had a few conflicts, but were mostly benign in the way of Galactic laws. The Wrack Empire is a powerful empire. Eons before humans were climbing out of the sludge of the cell pool, The Wrack Empire was requested to join The Galactic Federation. They accepted and became a powerful peace-keeping race. When humans appeared and joined The Galactic Federation The Wrack Empire, among many other races, left The Galactic Federation because of Human's ambition.


The Government of The Wrack Empire is made up of the:

  • Grand Govern Wrack who is the leader of the whole civilization.
  • Twelve Influencer Wracks who influence the Grand Govern to make decisions.
  • 144 Advisor Wracks, Twelve for each Influencer Wrack.

Whenever a minor matter is brought to the Grand Governs attention, the Wrack deals with it accordingly. If it is a major matter, each of the Influencer Wracks try to make the best case for that matter. The Twelve advisors are there to help the Influencer Wrack make decisions and informed cases. Whoever makes the best argument is the winner and the matter is decided in their favor. Eventually, as the Grand govern Wrack dies, he chooses a new Grand Govern Wrack from one of the Twelve Influencer Wracks. In turn, the new Grand Govern Wrack chooses a new Influencer Wrack from one of the Twelve Advisor Wracks.


Known worlds of The Wrack Empire are:

  • Havelfort
  • Maklast
  • Moorkern
  • Batler
  • Furdor
  • Galanger
  • Mitrodotes

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