Tridoron Suit

Tridoron suit final

Featured in:
Kamen Rider which the suit is themed after:
Running speed:
100.0 m per 0.643 seconds (318.1 mph/511.3 km/g)
Resistance to Gravity Acceleration
Finishing attacks:
Full Charge Beam shot takes form of the Tridoron, TriDrop Rider Kick
Power source
All 26 Shift Cars, Tridoron
"Rider Transformation Command Confirmed: Drive. (Drive Driver pre-transformation noises) Tridoron Suit ready. (Shift Car insertion noise; ending notes to Type Tridoron transformation music)"
―Suit Transformation announcement

The Tridoron Suit (formerly the Racer Suit upon introduction) is Samus Aran's Rider Suit System upgrade. As the name implies, the suit's design is based on Kamen Rider Drive's Type Tridoron. After Samus's first meeting with the members of the Special Investigation Unit prior to Tenjuro Banno's rampage, Krim Steinbelt, the Drive Driver decided to transplant Core Driviars into Samus's symbiotic Fusion Suit through all the Shift Cars, including Shift Tridoron itself.

After Samus's suit is transplanted with Core Driviars, not only caused it to restore the original form of her Varia Suit, also gave her the Tridoron Suit, and immediately unlocking her Speed Booster functionality. In addition, Samus also gains the ability to become Kamen Rider Drive herself whenever Shinnosuke is in full time duty as a police officer, and allowed her to gain access to the Tridoron as an alternative transportation in land.


As with most Rider Suits, the Fusion Suit desaturates to give way for the armor pieces, in such a way it acts as the undersuit. The Tridoron Suit essentially resembles Drive Type Tridoron in general. The suit's front body has Tridoron's bumper, and shoulders has the Formula one-styled side bumpers. Racing stripes are more evident around the suit to perfectly match the Rider's motif. The suit's Arm Cannon colors changes drastically from olive green to light blue with more racing stripes, which resemble Drive's weapon, the Trailer-Hou. The back design has the rear bumper of Tridoron itself, much like Drive's Type Tridoron.

In addition, the suit's helmet is added with cosmetic designing to match both Drive Type Speed and Type Tridoron, and the visor color is tinted yellow.

Other FeaturesEdit

The Tridoron Suit emphasizes on super speed, true to its sports car theme. When using the Speed Booster functionality with the Tridoron Suit, it allows Samus to run at exactly 318 metres per hour (511 kilometres per hour), and by extension, this suit can allow Samus to run at extremely exaggerated speeds. The Tridoron Suit can activate or omit Samus's arm cannon at will, allowing her to handle any of Drive's weapons with both hands. It is one of the two Rider Suit upgrade where Samus can freely omit her Arm Cannon at will, the other being is the Phoenix Suit.

The activation command for this suit is "FIRE ALL ENGINE", which happens to be the activation of Shift Tridoron itself. Upon transformation, the Drive Driver's pre-transformation noises are heard before ending note to the dramatic rock jingle from Type Tridoron's transformation noises.



  • Unlike Drive Type Tridoron's Trailer Big Impact, Samus does not revert to her Varia Suit whenever she fires the Charge Beam of the Tridoron Suit.

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