Tsukasa Kadoya
Tsukasa Kadoya 2014

Tsukasa Kadoya is an interdimensional traveller, who crossed over into different alternate realities, as the Destroyer of Worlds, Kamen Rider Decade.
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Born classified
Gender Male
Height 192cm (192cm; Complete Form)
Weight 83kg (102kg; Complete Form
Gunship G.F.S. Ragnarok
Main Weapon Decadriver, Ride Booker, K-Touch
Alt Form Kamen Rider Decade, any Kamen Riders before him (ranging from Kamen Riders Kuuga to Kiva; series canon) AND after him (from Kamen Riders W to Drive; story exclusive), Complete Form
Hair Auburn
Affiliation Himself, Hikari Studios, Dai-Shocker (formerly)
Voice Actor Masahiro Inoue
"I'm just a passing through Kamen Rider, remember that!"
―Tsukasa's responds to anyone asking of who he is.[src]
Tsukasa Kadoya is Kamen Rider Decade, the main protagonist and eponymous character of the Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider Decade. Decade is a Rider that can use Rider Cards to become any Kamen Rider that came before him and use their powers.

In Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, Tsukasa serves as the tritagonist and anti-hero of the story. Here, Tsukasa serves as a foil to bounty hunter Samus Aran who appeared in the present time to acquaint with other Riders.

History Edit

For all the canonical information of this character, see Tsukasa Kadoya at Kamen Rider Wiki.

Personality Edit

Tsukasa, as the way he is depicted in his TV series, remains all the same in the story; he is self-righteous and hypocritical who does not seem to know his past. In Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, he also appears to be flighty, carefree, arrogant and condescending; as shown with his interactions with Samus Aran, whom he constantly foils her missions. However, he seems to be aware of Samus's intent of hiding in the present was to prevent the Galactic Federation from tailing her, this also shows Tsukasa is not above belittling the bounty hunter, nor seeing her just as an enemy from the future. Tsukasa's photos are usually badly developed, despite his claims to "capture everything around the world"; whenever he takes a picture of Samus, they began to develop well instead of blurring out.

Tsukasa seems to have amount of respect and reverence towards the Chozo, it is shown that him and Kotaro Minami were chosen to protect Samus all along at the Old Bird's approval. Given to the Old Bird's prophecy of Decade as the Destroyer of Worlds, he is the one who brought forth pestilence and destruction against the Galactic Federation for their corruption and conspiring to create bioweapons.

Despite being the anti-hero towards Samus, Tsukasa has a good side, developing bonds to those who are close to him, and even providing a good advice to Samus of what it means to protect humanity even without allowing a world to be destroyed as well as Mitsuzane in regards to his feelings towards the bounty hunter. He also seems to show a little distaste towards the Galactic Federation not only they are intent to capture Samus, but he detests them for creating weapons of mass destruction, an ideology shared with Samus's commanding officer, Adam Malkovich.

Given to Tsukasa's background with Dai-Shocker, he is also prone to commit henious acts. In the story, one such example where he holds Dr. Madeline Bergman hostage and subsequently executes her in cold blood after his cover is blown.

Powers and abilities Edit

Kamen Rider Decade
Race Human/Kamen Rider
Gender Male
Attacks Decade:
  • Ride Booker
    • Attack Ride: Slash
    • Attack Ride: Blast
Weakness 1st encounter: None

2nd encounter: None 3rd encounter: None

Location Random Encounter
Status {{{status}}}
Reward Ride Booker (final encounter)
Featured in Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations


As stated above, Tsukasa as Kamen Rider Decade can use Rider Cards as a means of transforming into a Kamen Rider that come before him. However, in the entirety of the story, he also gains an ability to transform into Riders after him such as Kamen Rider Drive when he first appeared. It is also possible for Decade to outmatch Samus effortlessly regardless of the Kamen Rider he takes form into.

Showa Period FormsEdit

  • Kamen Ride: Super-1 - transforms Decade into Kamen RIder Super-1
  • Kamen Ride: Black - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Black.

Heisei Period/Pre-Decade FormsEdit

  • Kamen Ride: Decade - transforms Tsukasa Kadoya into Kamen Rider Decade.
  • Kamen Ride: Kuuga - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Kuuga, with his standard Mighty Form. Regarding each of Kuuga's forms, he gains weapons when come in contact with specific objects/
    • Form Ride: Kuuga Dragon - turns Decade or while as Kuuga into Kuuga Dragon Form, uses the Dragon Rod. The Dragon Rod is formed from stick-like objects.
    • Form Ride: Kuuga Pegasus - turns Decade or while as Kuuga into Kuuga Pegasus Form, uses the Pegasus Bowgun; the Pegasus Bowgun is one of the Rider Weapons that Samus can use without her Power Suit. It is formed from conventional firearms.
    • Form Ride: Kuuga Titan - turns Decade or while as Kuuga into Kuuga Titan Form, uses the Titan Sword. The sword is formed through any stick objects or a motorcycle's handle as with the actual Kuuga.
  • Kamen Ride: Agito - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Agito in Ground Form in default.
    • Form Ride: Agito Flame - turns Decade or while as Agito into Agito Flame Form, armed with the Flame Saber.
    • Form Ride: Agito Storm - turns Decade or while as Agito into Agito Storm Form, armed with the Storm Halberd, with the aforementioned weapon also accessible to Samus.
  • Kamen Ride: Ryuki - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Ryuki.
    • Attack Ride: Strike Vent - summons Ryuki's Drag Claw.
  • Kamen Ride: Faiz - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Faiz
    • Form Ride: Faiz Axel - turns Decade or while as Faiz into Faiz Axel Form. In this form, it allows Decade Faiz Axel Form to use the Axel Watch to travel in the speed of sound for ten seconds. Samus also gains access to the Faiz Axel Watch, allowing her to use the aforementioned ability.
    • Attack Ride: Auto Vajin - transforms Decade's motorcycle into the Auto Vajin, Faiz's own motorcycle.
  • Kamen Ride: Blade - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Blade.
  • Kamen Ride: Hibiki - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Hibiki.
    • Attack Ride: Ongekibou Rekka (Sound Attack Clubs: Raging Fire) - allows Decade to use Kamen Rider Hibiki's drumstick-like weapons called the Ongekibou Rekka. The sticks ignite as if they were torches and thrown at the target, in the form of Kibojutsu Rekkadan. Samus also gains access to the Ongekibou Rekka.
    • Attack Ride: Onibi (Demon Fire) - The visage of Decade Hibiki forms a mouth and spits fire at the target.
  • Kamen Ride: Kabuto - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Kabuto in Rider Form.
    • Attack Ride: Clock Up - allows Decade, or while as Kabuto to use traverse into the speed of light. However, its effects are negated by Heavy Acceleration.  Samus' Speed Booster also can bypass Clock Up.
  • Kamen Ride: Den-O - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Den-O in Sword Form
  • Kamen Ride: Kiva - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Kiva in Kiva Form.
    • Form Ride: Kiva Garulu - turns Decade or while as Kiva into Kiva Garulu Form. With this form, Decade as Kiva is armed with the Garulu Saber, that allows Kiva to compensate when it comes to melee weaponry.
    • Form Ride: Kiva Dogga - turns Decade or while as Kiva into Kiva Dogga Form. Using this form allows the use of the Dogga Hammer, that provides the sheer use of power. This form, along with the weapon itself is even powerful enough to deactivate Samus out of her Power Suit, as first demonstrated by the actual Kiva, Wataru Kurenai.

Post-Decade FormsEdit

The Neo-Heisei Rider Cards allows Decade to transform into any of these following forms. On a side note, this allows Decade to traverse into different timelines, past, present, and future without the need of conventional time-travelling devices instead of going through alternate reality worlds. These cards were used for Tsukasa to travel onto Samus' timeline.

  • Kamen Ride: W - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider W in CycloneJoker formation.
  • Kamen Ride: OOO - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider OOO in Tatoba Combo.
  • Kamen Ride: Fourze - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Fourze in Base States.
  • Kamen Ride: Wizard - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Wizard in Flame Style.
  • Kamen Ride: Gaim - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Gaim in Orange Arms.
  • Kamen Ride: Drive - transforms Decade into Kamen Rider Drive in Type Speed. It also allows him to move during Heavy Acceleration.

Trivia Edit

  • Decade's role in the story is similar to the SA-X from Metroid Fusion, who apparently tries to hunt down Samus. Unlike the SA-X, Decade appears to be confrontational.
  • Decade is one of the few Kamen Riders who can match Samus' skills when in her suit or not without the need of using a Final Form. Others being are Drive, Faiz, Kabuto, Ghost, Kiva, and Wizard.
  • Decade has some similarities to Samus herself according to how he started in his own series.
    • When Tsukasa became Decade, he learns that he lost his powers; presumably have used all of his Kamen Ride Cards, much like Samus starts her mission without her power ups.
  • Masahiro Inoue, Tsukasa's actor, is shown to play Super Mario Maker, originating from the sister franchise of Nintendo, the Super Mario series. Some of his stage designs are homages to his background as Kamen Rider Decade, which are almost impossible to clear due to presence of several traps. One of his stages, the "Nine Worlds" are also a homage to his season, and has caricatures of Narutaki and Kamen Rider Chaser on the said stage. [1] This is likely due to the fact that Tsukasa can put Samus to a corner without any trouble, regardless of the Kamen Rider he changes into, or in Complete Form.
  • Tsukasa when untransformed, he uses more on kicking, due to the fact that Masahiro Inoue himself is an actual real-life practioner of Tae Kwon Do.

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