unknown suit
the name is acutually the unknown suit
Vital statistics
Type extreme combat/ariel combat suit
Effects near indestructibilty
Source unknown
Cost to buy n/a
Cost to sell n/a

The unknown suit is called that because all the technology is from an unknown source and there is only one in exsitance custom made by a mysterious hunter/soldier called redger although the only other known details about his/her is his/her origin (Aether) and age 21.


This items technology is no match (as in it matchs no other tech) for any other known tech in the known universe so it is possible he/she discovered a new planet or galaxy and took tech from there. It features no arm cannons but a chest cannon and on its right shoulder an plasma based artillery cannon which is the only modular part of the suit allowing for any weapon to be merged into it but the only problem with that is that all merged weapons get changed to an artillery grade version. It also features two energy saiths one on each hand each one 21.346 inches in length and when stabbed through an opponent it raises their internal thermal energy until they spontanously combust this happens in about 3-5 seconds. The suits alt. form is a perfectly straight 1 metre long 1/2 metre thick lnie of anti-matter energy which can accellerate to almost the speed of light and destroys any matter that it touches (matter is what makes everything) only samus aran ever able to defeat him/her althought his/her suit is stronger the scan visor is what saved samus because she found that his chest cannon is vunerable while charging.


Although it has no life support systems the suit uses hyper accelerater type cores in each boot to fly through space indicating the user can breathe in space or doesn't breathe at all.

The suit uses nanoscale fusion reactor cores X 4 to power itself but these are 10 times more power outputing than standard fusion reactors proving that it uses immense ammounts of power.

It cannot jump but instead of jumping it just flies upwards.

It uses DNA verification to stop unauthorised use if someone else trys to use it it will lock in postion.

It weighs 20 tons is made of lighter but stronger versions of maldium and jovian steel.

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