Genetically enhanced human/??? clone
Cloned on Aether
After the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Contains DNA of Samus Aran and Ridley, making them her parents
Height & weight
5"9', 70kg
Alt Form
Morph Ball
Custom Plasma Blaster, Plasma Whip
Hair and Eye Colour
Hair: Raven Black Eye: Maize Brown
Galactic Federation, Typhoon

 Valkyrie is one of Asheyon's clones and is a friend of the Galactic Federation, a bounty hunter and is the love life of Kodi.


Clone 1894 was made in Asheyon's lab in Aether, where she lived with other clones and practised martial arts and weapon mastery. She one day met Kodi and instantly fell in love with him, not knowing he was a Kriken. She was then told about the Facility's true plan and then escaped before she got transferred to a black suit. Once she escaped, she started dating Kodi, but it wasn't going well. She then found out one night he was actually a Kriken. She was mad, but Kodi then told her that if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be where she was. She forgave him and then soon were hired by the Galactic Federation and went to bust some Metroids


She is slim and tall with Raven Black hair and Maize brown eyes. She wears the non transferred zero suit with the "Heartbroken" symbol, which has a cracked heart with two swords through it.

Powers and PersonalityEdit

Like her sisters, she has the speed and strength of Ridley and the mind of Samus. She also is quite strong willed and is very determined. She can turn into the morph ball for her alternate form. She however can get distracted, and cause accidents.

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