Virax in modified power suit
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race human
Faction space hunter
Health -
Level -
Status live
Location G.F.S.Enikdu

Virax is part of the [Article name Space Hunters].Virax is a supporting character from the series:Metroid:Return of SA-X.


Virax is a Human from the planet Bilium.Soon after 18 years of living on Bilium,he was sent to the space colony K-2L to work.Upon landing on K-2L the [Space Pirates attacked.Virax quickly got onto his ship and left for an unknown destination.Virax was caught by the Space Pirates and taken to their labs on Zebes to have testing done on him.Space Pirates conducted a number of experiments on him, including Phazon testing!Due to the testing,Virax could absorb large amounts of Phazon without becoming damaged.Virax then became a Space Hunter hired by The Galactic Federation(just like Samus).Virax was on Norion when the Space Pirates attacked.He was sent on the ship G.F.S.Enkidu. Virax has met Samus and helped her in the past.Virax acquired a prototype of the Power Suit and modified it to his liking.


In the series Metroid:Return of SA-X, Virax helped Samus.What did he help her with?Find out by reading the series(Hes not in it yet)



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