The War Suit is a suit worn by Gerop Kinese. It is made to withstand the worst of punishment and deal even more to Gerop's enemy. It is a heavily upgraded Adapter Suit.


The suit has several layers of armor. It is nearly impenetrable, save for beams normally meant for destroying vehicles. However, this is achieved through thick metal plates rather than advanced technology; the armor itself weighs a little less than a ton. in order to move, Gerop has to have a Gravity Booster (like the one Samus used on Aether) just to move. In order to move quickly, Gerop has a speed booster that automatically activates. Each arm ends in an arm cannon. In addition, there are missiles mounted in the shoulder pads. The suit has a Thermal, Echoes, Combat, and Command Visor. Finally, the alt-form is basically a morph ball with spikes coming out of it. The morphball itself is also heavily armored, and weighs about half as much as the suit.


The suit itself is designed to strike fear into an enemy's heart. The electrical pathways are dyed red to look like arteries, and the suit is a grey color reminiscant of a GF Trooper's suit. The Visor is also a blood red; this has very little effect on anything, other than looking cool in Gerop's opinion.