Wataru Kurenai
Wataru in Decade's world

Wataru in Tsukasa's flashback
Species Human (half-Fangire)
Homeworld Earth
Parents Otoya Kurenai (father)
Maya (mother)
Gender Male
Height 200 cm (210 cm; Emperor Form)
Weight 98kg (90kg; Garulu Form, 150 kg; Dogga Form, 92kg; Basshaa Form, 100kg; Emperor Form)
Gunship Castle Doran
Main Weapon Garulu Saber
Basshaa Magnum
Dogga Hammer
Zanvat Sword
Alt Form Arms Monster Forms (Garulu, Basshaa, and Dogga Forms)
Emperor Form
Flight Style
Hair Brown
Affiliation Fangire King
Voice Actor Koji Seto

Wataru Kurenai is Kamen Rider Kiva. He is of a Fangire heritage, born to a Fangire mother and a human violinist. Wataru is a violin maker who desired to create the ultimate violin, using different methods. Wataru, has a stepbrother, Taiga Nobori, who is Kamen Rider Saga, and currently Dark Kiva.

History Edit

For all the canonical history of this character, see Wataru Kurenai at Kamen Rider Wiki.

Boss Battle Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

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Notes Edit

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