Widlan planet
Widlan, an Oceanic Paradise secluded from most Intelligent Species.
Map caption
Vital statistics
Type Ocean Planet
Level Beyond Frontier
Location Beyond the Known Universe
Inhabitants Giant Corals

Widlan is a planet in Metroid: Avenger and Metroid Avenger 2: Revenger. It is a very important planet midway and beyond in the Metroid Avenger Saga.


Widlan is a little-known planet of mystery, covered in Gigantic Corals. Not much is known about Eliefa besides that it once housed a group of Galactic Schismists which died out, leaving their base and legacy behind on this beautiful hideaway.

It is a strange planet indeed. It orbits both a Red Giant and a Blue Giant, which allows for life. Widlan has stayed concealled for so long because it does not actually move; or rather, revolve around any object. The gravitational pulls of both suns keep it in place, as in its position, both suns are 180 degrees apart, using Widlan's core as an azimuth and altitude referrance point. However, unlike most, Widlan is extremely dense, and therefore does not enlongate to compensate for the two enormous gravitational pulls.

The extreme tides are caused by the close proximity Widlan has to its moon, Verneiia, which also always stays in place, being pulled by both Widlan and the Blue Giant, Pthalas. As Widlan rotates, the water literally stays in place, in relation to the moon. It will slide across the rotating surface, thus causing tides, though unlike our own, that do not receed, but only move forward.

Nighttime on Widlan is what we would concider twilight here on Earth. The Red Giant, Carmesinus, is much dimmer than Pthalas, and therefore is like Nighttime.

Widlan has a perfect axis, and so all parts of the planet get equal amounts of sun at all times of year, which is technically an instant, or forever, depending on the way you look at it. Much like "half full" or "half empty."


Widlan scenery

Widlan is Impossible to map, due to the extreme tides which rip apart all landforms and rock formations that we would call "landmarks".

The only permanent thing is Base Katrina, the leftover base from the Schismists. It is now used by the Criminal Organization Typhoon run by Ron Green, alongside the former members of Typhus Squad, now known as the Typhoon Crime Syndicate.


Base Katrina, HQ of T.C.S.


Ron Green Typhus Squad Spire Noxus Armstrong Houston Kim Irene Chariman Keaton Damara Pyonchi Hoeg

Formerly: Roy Dane Samus Aran

Things to attackEdit

You better be ready to deal with the Typhoon.


Coral. Lot's and Lots of Coral. And delicious, clean water, which can be drank straight out of the ocean due to the fact that, strangely, no micro-organisms live or survive on Eliefa.

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