Space Pirate asteroid base
Command Central of The Exterminator's Pirate Army
Vital statistics
Type Rogue Asteroid
Level Rogue
Location In orbit around the Pirate Homeworld
Inhabitants The Exterminator and his forces

Z-SF761 was an asteroid in orbit around the Pirate Homeworld. It was converted to a base and was the location of The Exterminator and his forces. At the end of Metroid: Avenger, it was obliterated when a piercing laser was fired at it from the GFS Artemis.


Z-SF761 was a rogue asteroid, giant and perfect for colonization. The Exterminator had his forces build a base out of the asteroid, and he then began to build prison cells in which he would hold his captives.


The asteroid is quite large, containing many rooms.

List of roomsEdit

  • Docking Hangar (landing site)
  • Security Hall A (elevator)
  • Prison A Access (access similar to Orpheon's Air Lock)
  • Prison Block A (cell block with numerous captives)
  • Prison B Access (same as A)
  • Prison Block B (where Pirates are fought)
  • Disposal Chamber (lock open to space)
  • Containment Access (wide tunnel where Kanden is fought)
  • Bioform Containment (chamber where Ridley is fought)
  • Stronghold (similar to Gorea's chamber access)
  • The Exterminator's Lair (Exterminator's location)





Things to attackEdit


The Murder Cannon is obtained here when all beams are fused together.


  • Z-SF761's name was inspired, in part, by the full name of the main character of the film Antz, Z-4195.

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