Rebirth of a Planet, after the explosion of Zebes happened when the defeat of Mother Brain occurred. The whole planet was nearly obliterated by an enormous explosion and then something else happened. The planet started to slowly regenerate the atmosphere and then life started to reappear within a few years. A team of researchers from the Galactic Federation were investigating the redevelopment of planet Zebes and then lifeforms were detected by the Galactic Federation biologists and then rapidly growing vegetation were found on surface by probes. A colony of species started to claim the planet as their own. Then Space Pirates started to land on Zebes only to find out if Mother Brain was reborn. However their efforts were cut short by the new predators that claimed the place once called Tourian. The Space Pirates were slaughtered by the species called Kroads and the failure to find Mother Brain was aborted due to the Kroad attacks.

Kroad EndemicEdit

Kroads started to appear on the planet and now rapidly growing in numbers and then they're building a series of hive-cities throughout the entire planet and then the Queen settled deep down the interior of the planet. A few years later the entire planet is home to billions of Kroads and now the Galactic Federation makes planet Zebes a quarantined planet and landing on it's surface is a violation of the Galactic Federal Law and punishable by 5 to 55 years in prison. The Dreygus Caverns were untouched by the cataclysmic events that changed the planet of Zebes. Also the Kroads started to settle in the caverns and now it's a hive-cities.

Norfair AftermathEdit

Then Norfair Region was now less sweltering after the explosion by creating a series of thermal irregularities in the area causing a huge extinction of native lifeforms. Especially the fire based lifeforms died out from heat deprivation and now Kroads are building the hive-cities throughout this region and started to reproduce more rapidly than others. The Norfair Queen Kroad hive-city is more fortified with volcanic rock and discarded debris

Flora and FaunaEdit

  • Mechanetroids, a Metroid shaped probe series that became rogues and also there technical skills became corrupted resulting them to turn in an erratic and out of control mechanisms.
  • Kroads, the dominant species of planet Zebes.
  • Chokehive, a toxic plant that emits a strong and powerful toxin that cause paralysis, nausea, hives and then death. It's been declared a deadly and illegal plant by the Galactic Federation Science Corps.
  • Pygmy Dreygus, a species of Dreygus that was recently discovered in Brinstar and also Norfair. These are the Dreygus species that are making a huge impact on the environment and the ecosystem of Brinstar. It's behavior and biology is different from the now extinct Dreygus giganticus and also their ancient cousins called the Dreygus major which became extinct 400,000 years ago.

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