A Zeelos is a pale, humanoid creature that moves on all fours. it has a whip like tounge,

Species Zeelos
Homeworld Unknown
Gender None
Height 3-5 feet at maturity
Weight 40-65 LBs at maturity
Hair None
Eyes Large, black, orb like and very reflective
Affiliation None

similar to a hunter Metroid. It will leach the players energy out before pulling them in.


Zeeloses appear rarely on most planets, and are thought to be a supernatural appearance of some sort, they really just travel around on spores that have a low fertility rate. They reproduce asexually. They take a long time to mature, which is another reason for their rarity.


A Zeelos has two large, black eyes that are orb like and very reflective, and are mostly blind, they have organs that perceive sound waves all over their skin, they also do the same for smell, and even taste! They have vary good senses of hearing, as they can hear it from any direction. They have a long, whip-like tounge that they us to grab on to prey and leach energy from them.

Social characteristicsEdit

Most Zeeloses spend all their time alone. Zeeloses live a very long time, so they spend many hundreds of years without ever seeing one of their own kind.

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