Vital statistics
Title Mercenary
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Unaligned
Health 400
Level 5
Status Alive
Location The Dark Saber

"Call it overkill if you want. I call it, art." Zenith to Axis on killing a zoomer with a rocket launcher

Zenith enjoys the thrill of high power weapons, and especially likes a good explosion. He has worked with Axis several times in the past, and has learned many techniques from him. However, he will always enjoy the thrill of launching a rocket to kill something as insignificant as a zoomer.


At a young age, Zenith had a fascination with grenades, missiles, and anything that made an explosion. This earned him a one-way ticket to the sanitarium. where he met Axis, A young kriken who had been near irreversibly driven insane by overexposure to Zexite. Zenith and Axis were nursed back to sanity over a course of 14 years, and eventually left Earth to seek their fortunes elsewhere.


Zenith is a Neutral aligned Boss who all characters, regardless of alignment, will have to fight. He is encountered on Zenix, and grants the player the Omega missile when defeated.

He can be unlocked in the character shop for 6000 credits


None yet.


"KYAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!" Zenith-Too many times to count


Zenith is from an unfinished, unnamed fanfiction

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