Spacepirate concept3 copy 5

Zeta after Ridley's rebirth

Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Space Pirate
Faction Space Pirates
Health bad
Level Level
Status disentigrated
Location Ridley's Command Ship


Zeta is a Pirate Commander. He got there quickly due to his precise aim,deterimination, and the fact he blackmailed all the other commanders. Hopeing to get rid of him, they sent him to Ridley's space station, where was being reborn. He was forced to be Ridley's sidekick eversince. He was killed by Samus in Ridley's Revenge:Ch.7:Invasion


Ridley's sidekick.


rip his chest open.


"We're all going to die."


Apperently,he's the guy who tried to disect Hunter.

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