Zexite image
A cut sample of Zexite
Vital statistics
Type Crystal
Effects Incredible energy source, Insanity
Source Various mines
Cost to buy 1000000 Universal Credits
Cost to sell 1000000 Universal Credits

A highly potent fuel, Zexite is a crystal in appearance, one hundred pounds could fuel a space station for 70 years. However, Continued exposure to Zexite has the lasting effect of near uncurable insanity, only by introducing the opposite element, Lumina, can the Insanity be cured.


7000 A.D: Zexite is first discovered by young bounty hunter Axis, Axis is driven insane, and is transported to hunter H.Q for medical help. 7004 A.D: Zexite is first used as a fuel 7009 A.D: Zexite is first added to Axis' Weapon systems 7024 A.D: Axis departs to a distant world to mine Zexite, leaves copies of his Astrogation charts with Zenith


Yes I KNOW that's an inverted Ruby. My skills of art lack so leave me alone.

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