Zoomers. A relatively simple species. Or so it seems. Zoomers are actually a super-advanced species, capable of creating technology so powerful, it could destroy the universe. Of course zoomers, (as wise as they are) have not created such technology for fear that it may fall into the wrong hands. Certain sources indicate that zoomers may be more technologically advanced than the Chozo and the Alimbics combined. Zoomers may seem simplistic to the eyes of an unobservant and mindless layman, but underneath that silly little shell is a mind as powerful as an Aurora Unit. Zoomers choose to hide their intelligence to the untrained eye by slowly crawling around in a preset pattern, but when no one is looking, they continue working on their hi-caliber projects and advanced research. Scans and descriptions say that Zoomers carry diseases. This indicates that zoomers have discovered and utilized the effects of biological warfare. Some believe the Zoomers are responsible for assisting the Chozo in building various machines, and that it was the Zoomers who constructed the Power Suit (and its other various applications) that belongs to Samus. Some even say that it was the zoomers that built and designed the G.F.S. starships and designed the terraforming project on Norion.
Thumb zoomer
With advanced disquises and extremely powerful cloaking devices, no one will truly know of the secret life of Zoomers.

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